What Is CEH? Certified Ethical Hacking Exam Cost, Prerequisites, Overview

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The certified ethical hacker program is considered to be the most comprehensive ethical course of hacking. It is because it helps the information security professionals grasp the fundamentals of hacking in an ethical way. The CEH MCQ course helps you become a pro who can inspect the infrastructures and the owner’s consent to determine the security complications. Another benefit of this course is that you can assess the organization’s security posture by determining the issues of the network & system infrastructure. In this guidepost, we will find what certified ethical hacking actually is and a lot more in further discussion. 

What is Certified Ethical Hacking?

The certified ethical hacker is known to be the professional designation for which a person gets a proper qualification that permits the person to do the specific tasks for different companies. The CEH MCQ is the certified hackers & they are allowed to penetrate the computer systems of any company in order to know the vulnerabilities. In addition to it, an ethical hacker is also responsible for preventing and taking measures to protect the system from the different types of hack attacks. 

Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker:

If you want to become a professional, ethical hacker, you need to get a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or in any other relevant walk of life. Most companies demand the CEH MCQ certificate or relevant certificate to enter that cyber security domain as a pro. In addition to it, you need to understand various software design languages with the addition of coding experience is a must requirement to be a certified professional hacker. Many of the black hat hackers later transformed into certified ethical hackers also. 

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The expert-certified ethical hacker’s role is to do the testing with the risk assessment via the scripts. For this reason, the know-how of it from the technical point of view in-depth is required. The domain for this field is network architecture, testing methodologies, programming languages, and various other tools. Potential companies are always looking for professionals who have great experience using the tools & knowledge in the malevolent software methods & defenses. 

The main goal of certification for ethical hacking is:

  1. Establishing & governing the least standards for the credentialing expert InfoSec professionals in the processes of ethical hacking.
  2. Strengthen ethical hacking  CEH MCQ like an exclusive & self-regulating career.

How Much Does the CEH (Certified Ethical Hosting) Cost?


You must need to apply to get the CEH (Certificate Ethical Hosting) as compared to the other information technology certifications. In the procedure of its application, the ethical certificate council would be interested in identifying that you have taken the official training of CEH or expertise of a minimum of two years. Moreover, there is a cost for each of the phases. 

CEH with Training: Average $4,000:

The below-mentioned charges are known as the base charges for the CEH with the EC-Council official training. 

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker training from 850 to 2,999 USD
  2. Certified Ethical Hacker examination price starts from 1,199 USD
  3. Certified Ethical Hacker remote proctoring is approximately 100 USD