Bad Breath (Halitosis)

What is Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Bad breath is the condition in which a person is facing problem in deep breathing. This is normally due to abnormal eating habits or some of worst health conditions. This will lead to social anxiety, depression or melancholy.

Bad Breath(Halitosis) Causes

There are number of reasons due to which patients suffer from bad breath. These normally include:

  • Gum disease that include plague in teeth
  • Bacterial infection in the gums
  • Toxicity in the mouth that irritates the gums
  • Numerous dental infections
  • Excessive intake of tobacco
  • Intake of excess alcohol
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Regular intake of packed food
  • If you sleep with open mouth, it will dry up the mouth and cause bad breath. It may also be caused due to disease of salivary glands
  • Infections or chronic inflammatory conditions lying in nose, throat and mouth
  • Some of the chronic diseases medication caused bad breath
  • Some of stomach disorders, gastrointestinal diseases and reflux diseases  will cause bad breath

Halitosis Symptoms

One of the major symptoms of bad breath appears in form of bad mouth smell and oral hygiene problems.


Bad Breath (Halitosis) Treatment

In order to treat bad breath some of the mouth washes, mints and other home remedies are available. In case if you are using mouth wash or toothpaste, make it sure that it contains Cetylpyridinium chloride which help to kill the bacteria. Similarly, antibacterial toothpaste is given to protect the gums and teeth from plague.

One other way to protect you from bad breath is to take the complete treatment of the dental diseases. If the gum diseases are not proper treated, it will cause tarter and bacterial infection which later on bad odor plus provide breeding ground for bacteria. Thus it is better to treat them in time and restore them in the original form.

Bad Breath Remedies

In order to prevent bad breath, some of the common home remedies are as follow:

  • Regularly brush your teeth after every meal and try to use fluoride based toothpaste. Such toothpastes contains antibacterial properties which protect teeth from tarter and infections.
  • Those who chewed tobacco must have to brush or clean their tongue. It will help to remove the odor as well as reduce the impact of growth of bacteria.
  • If you are wearing bridges, clean them thoroughly twice or thrice a day. Because floss in the teeth will provide a bed for bacterial infection.
  • In order to retain the moisture of the mouth, avoid to intake tobacco and alcohol. Drink a lot of water. In case of dry mouth, chew the gum or candy which help to stimulate saliva and reduces the impact of bad breath.
  • In case of bad breath avoid sticky and sugary products.
  • Sometimes over used tooth brush also cause dental problems which later on transform in to bad breath. So change the tooth brush after three or four months.
  • Regularly checkup your teeth from the dentist in order to examine, clean and treat your teeth.