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Losing weight and maintaining it is not an easy task. It is a matter of being determined and continuously motivated for losing weight by peers. As being overweight is also an issue of low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Overweight children are being bullied by their schoolfellow who can have severe negative impact on their mental development. They think they are less than everyone if they are overweight and ultimately their studies are affected severely. Therefore, it is important to stay in a healthy weight range. To be protected from early onset of diseases and for mental and physical fitness you must have average healthy weight your height and to lose weight here we will discuss weight loss shakes.

Weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise both. In the market and on the internet, you’ll find some products, medicines, and drinks which claim to give weight loss within a week or so. But they all are not effective and can cause harm to your health because nothing healthy can lose weight within a week. We recommend you to stay away from these available products because weight loss is not a matter of a week or so. It is a gradual process and can take a month or more if you need to lose weight healthily.


Weight Loss ShakesWe will write and tell you about weight loss shakes which according to studies are equally effective in weight loss as a low-calorie diet and physical activity. Adding shakes for weight loss in your diet plan will make you keep tight control on your calories if by mistakenly you have consumed food with a little more calorie. Diet shakes are also easy to prepare, and they can be beneficial and helpful to weight loss for those busy people who don’t have much time to make diet meal for them. These shakes are the nutritious plus low calorie. With these weight loss shakes you don’t have to spend time on thinking what to make and eat for weight loss. You just need to put things in a blender make a shake.

Weight loss or diet shakes are also called meal replacement shakes because you can have them in place of a meal. They can provide you with the required amount of calories and can suppress your hunger for up to 3 hours. It is recommended not to lose more than 2pounds of weight per week otherwise it will have adverse effects on your health.  Meal replacement shakes will give you 200-500 calories with added minerals, vitamins, fibre, and proteins. Protein shakes are also weight loss shakes which can be consumed instead of a meal for weight loss. It will give your body 80-100 calories. These shakes can make your stomach feel fuller and leave the stomach slowly. You will feel hunger much later after consuming these weight loss shakes.

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You’ll find a variety of manufacturers brands making weight loss or meal replacement shakes, but all of them are not efficient and equally nutritious. You must give time to examine the nutritional facts mentioned on the product before deciding to choose the best one. The main benefits of having shakes as a weight loss strategy is that they all are fortified with vitamins and minerals giving you the recommended daily amounts of essential minerals and vitamins. So, they will not make your body deficient in essential nutrients. Secondly, they contain fewer calories which will quickly help you in weight loss if you consume these diet shakes in place of a diet meal.

For a healthy weight loss shake, you must take into consideration three nutrients mentioned on the label:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

From these carbohydrates provide a rapid source of energy, when carbs are unavailable our body will use stored fat for getting power so in this way extra fat will be burned. Now final protein is the component for weight loss it will keep you feel satiated for long and protects you from swinging levels of blood sugar which otherwise makes your food craving stronger. To get a good one, these three nutrients must present in an equal ratio that is 1:1:1. Many people prefer to buy commercially available diet shakes, but others feel good about making one at home using the best ingredients. Best brands available commercially are shaken ology, GNC, organ, ideal shape, Herbalife and many others. But try to buy the one with little or no added sugars


HOME MADE WEIGHT LOSS SHAKEThe advantage of home-made weight loss shakes is that you exactly know what are you using for your weight loss but keep in mind to use proper ratio of carbs and proteins in the shake, and you have the personal satisfaction of using pure ingredients. One basic simple recipe of meal replacement shake is half cup yoghurt, bananas, protein powder (one serving). You can add a variety of ingredient to enhance taste and nutrition like berries, peanut butter, coconut oil, flax seeds, spinach, dry fruits including almonds, pistachios, etc.

If you are on a weight loss program, you can add weight loss shakes to supplement your weight loss besides eating balanced meal and exercise. It will help you in achieving your target weight loss in much less time than without using diet shakes. Don’t forget to have fruits, vegetables, and protein from meat and no meat sources, with all these, add on of diet shake will be helpful in weight loss. It will aid your weight loss plan by helping to give your body energy boost with fewer calories. Once you lose weight, then it is also important to maintain it because maintaining also requires enough effort for a person who is fond of eating. For them, these weight loss shakes are a good alternative to food. If they have it in the morning, they will feel energetic and satiated for a longer time as it will leave their stomach slowly. In this way, they have no urge to eat and can easily maintain their lost weight. Make physical activity your routine task which can also help in the maintenance of healthy weight.