Treasure of Fiber and Antioxidants – The Matcha Chia Pudding

Healthy Recipes

To be healthy you need a good healthy food. Here we came up with a new meal for you i.e. Mactha Chia Pudding which is not just full of energy but it’s a treasure of fiber and antioxidants. You must have this food once a week at least. This food has amazing symphony of Mactha, Chia and ginger which gives your hectic day a good kick.

Magic Recipe of Mactha Chia Pudding

Here we are going to reveal the magic recipe of match chia pudding. Just follow the steps and in just few minutes there will be Mactha Chia Pudding with double ginger ready to be eaten.

First of all you need to get the blender jug. Pour 2 cups of almond milk in it. Then add 2 Table Spoon of Honey in this milk. This is not enough. Add one tea spoon of ground ginger and then the main item of magic recipe: one tea spoon of Match powder. If you want a little saltish flavour then you can add one quarter tea spoon of slat. Yes now you got all the ingredients of magic recipe of Match Chia Pudding in the blender ready to be blended. Blend it well for few seconds till all the ingredients are mixed together.

Now put this blended mixture in a bowl and add half cup of Chia Seeds in it. Mix it well with the spoon and then cover it up with a plastic or polythene sheet to make it air-tight. Put this bowl in refrigerator for a night and in the morning it will be ready to serve.

While serving, sprinkle some toasted coconut for garnishing. And now your magic recipe of Matcha Chia Pudding it ready.

Keep it in mind that this is not just for you but you can share it with your love or someone in your family as this recipe is for 2 servings. If you don’t like the seeds coming in you mouth then you can also add chia seeds in the blender so you will get a smoother Matcha Chia Pudding with double ginger.