Is Your Mental and Emotional Health Suffering?

How To

Stress does not come from outside, in fact, it is all in our mind. Nothing affects us until we give it the power to affect us in ways we cannot describe. Our inner peace of mind is extremely sensitive that it gets hindered by little things in life. Running late for a meeting and stuck in the traffic – stress! Had a fight with your loved ones – stress! Housemaid on leave – stress!

Our daily life starts with stress and ends with anger. Generally, we relate health with our physical body. However, emotional and mental health is the most crucial one that we need to take care of. Nothing works well in our body if our mental and emotional well-being is not aligned.

One thing we all are sure about – stress cannot vanish from our lives but how to minimize the effect of it on our lives and the lives of our loved ones is what we need to focus on. The health care includes taking care of your body emotionally, mentally, and physically, you can do this by creating joy and satisfaction!

In Buddhist psychology, there are five hindrances that do not let us live a happy and a peaceful life.

Revulsion and Rage: the most popular cause of stress is dissatisfaction. The science of anger is a bit complex as it is meant for not taking it seriously but, we as humans, end up taking everything personally. Imagine when we are stuck in traffic, we end up yelling at someone who just called us to share something important. We avoid having our meals and experience restless nights. This is how much control stress has on our mind. If it is not controlled well in time then this may act as a severe problem later on. The most common and effective way to deal with the inner peace of mind is via Acupuncture Main Line – releasing toxic energies from body, soul, and mind.

Agitation and Misery: When the present moment is what you cannot enjoy, then it leads to agitation. We either live in the past or anticipate for the future which indeed makes our present miserable. Our mind is a working machine. It over thinks about everything and anything that happens to us. Thus, leading to revengeful feelings. This misery leads to pain and this pain does not let us think clearly which may affect our future as miseries lead to a darker future if not cured with the right medication at the right time.

Unlimited Desires: have you ever experienced yourself being utterly satisfied with what you have? Well, for most of us, the answer to this question is no! This is because we see the world with our five senses – smell, sight, touch, hearing, and taste. The amount of stress we have in our lives is directly proportional to our demands that we need to satisfy. This never-ending list acts as a parasite for our energies. Remember, to experience a stress-free life you need to grow wisdom and learn how to control or tame your desires. Once, these desires are in control, life becomes happier and sorted as nothing artificial can drive your peace.

Laziness:  Another factor that adds up to our stress is laziness. This does not seem like an illness to most people. However, this can be a major cause of stress as people usually feel low on energy and bored. To satisfy their inner craving, they do things that affect them in the long run and then eventually they suffer. When we do not know what we want in life then our laziness and attracts stress. To channelize energies in the right direction, sometimes, external help is much needed.

Disbelief: When you are stuck in the cycle of doubt then having second thoughts about everything is too common. This creates an illusion in our mind related to everything that is happening around us. According to a research, during situations which do not have a specific end result, people always prefer to hear bad news than hearing nothing at all. Life is unpredictable, yet, we try to control it by planning our every moment. When we master the science of letting go and trust the nature only then we can attain true inner peace. Remember, these are the vital elements of living a happy life. When things go out of our hands, instead, of calming our senses, we tend to overreact which is extremely harmful.

Simply put, our body works well only if our mental and emotional health is in the right place. The synergy of health cannot work effectively alone; the thoughts, the actions, and the words act as cogs of a happy life.