How to Make the Online World Safe for your Children

We are living in a world of clicks and screens. Technology has made fine advancement in recent past years. The Internet can be considered one of the most innovative progress in the technology sector. It has made the world a global village. We can do almost anything through the internet. Gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc are now part of daily routine. we can not even imagine a second of our lives without them. So in the era of internet and smart gadgets, freedom has got a new definition and cherished in so many different ways.

In a common household, everyone has got their cell phone and most of them have personal computers or laptops. Hence everyone has got their own space and are free to utilize it in any way possible. In these scenarios parents of teens are more worried and stressed. One reason is, of course, their children are going through puberty phase and that alone is enough to make their life stressful but other than that  their lifestyle, the internet, and rate of crimes relating the online world is the reason.

They want to keep them under surveillance 24 hours a day if that is possible for them. And honestly, according to given circumstances, their logics and all the worries are genuine. As the crime rate is increasing day by day and major contributory factor is regarding online matters. for e. g bullying or harassing, stalking hacking etc. To make their life more easy and relaxed we provide a smart and accessible solution. However, Recording WhatsApp calls is very important for them, especially when interviewing their children over the phone. Therefore, they need to understand how to record WhatsApp calls in Android. There are many applications for this in the Google Play store. This can help them to check their child’s activities while using the phone.

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OgyMogy is a monitoring app built for mac and windows users to keep an eye on their teen or can monitor the employees’ activities in or outside the workplace. You can also use the android spy software for tracking through the cell phone of the target person.With OgyMogy we assure you that you will get every online activity report of your child without them knowing.Thus if they are living with you or are out of station for college or high school,you just need to physically access the device for the first time only.Select your desired package and install it in the device.Thats all.

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Wild Websites:

The most dangerous thing any parents are bound to face in this tech-savvy era is that kids have access to the internet. You have to make sure that they are not visiting any malicious website or are into adult content etc.Phone trackingapp allows you to check their online history through internet browsing history tracking feature.It allows you to monitor all the websites your child has visited or bookmarked in his or her device.You can simply block certain words so that those kinds of websites will not show up onyour kid’s phone or laptop.

Check Their Screen Recording:

Kids these days have many secret whatsapp group link where they share memes and other kinds of material. Make sure no one is sending anything nasty or evil material which can be harmful for teenagers.For this purpose, OgyMogy has the screen recording feature in the spy app.It allows you to check their screen frequently in real-time.You can also check that in small video recording or snapshots with time stamps.With the keystroke feature of the spy app, you can track all passwords of the device and email ids etc.Thus to whom they are in contact with through emails you will have complete knowledge of that by using the Mobile trackerapp.

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Save Them From Online Stalkers:

Kids these days are very much into social media.Just to increase the followers’ number they allow all kinds of strangers to get insight into their personal lives.This is a dangerous habit and teenagers should be responsible enough to know that not all of your following list cant be your friends.People hide behind their screen to plot evil plans.So make sure no one is stalking or bullying your child on any social media platform.OgyMogy has a list of social media spy apps like FaceBook Spy,WhatsappSpy,Skype spy,Viber Spy, will give you complete remote access to every activity happening on social media of the target person.




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