How to Calculate EER (EER Calculation Guide)

eer calculator

No doubt, digestion food, working out at the gym, and even sleeping are the activities that need energy requirements in the form of calories. So, you should give a try to an online EER calculator to measure your estimated energy requirements corresponding to these activities. The amount of calories that your body requires to maintain your current body weight is referred to as your estimated energy requirement or EER. The EER entirely depends on several variables like age, gender, height, weight, and even the physical activity level.

However, EER is typically pretty accurate, but it does have its few limitations. Medical professionals usually use a medical eer equation to calculate estimated energy requirement of individuals. Remember that EER doesn’t take into account muscle mass or percentage of body fat, so your energy need might be higher or lower than the EER estimate. Simply, get an online estimated energy requirements calculator to find your daily energy requirements according to your weight goal and ahead to DOCTOR for better consultancy.

Metric Math Involves in EER Calculation:

When it comes to calculating ERR, you should have an exact idea about your height and weight metric units. To make instant conversions, you can use an online estimated energy requirements calculator that calculates estimated energy requirement and different other health measurements within a matter of seconds.

Also, you make the conversion by dividing your height in inches by 39.37 to find your height in meters. For example, a woman with 65 inches tall height would divide 65 by 39.37 to determine her height in meters, 1.65. And, if you need to convert your weight from pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg), just divide by 2.2. And, if the same woman comes with weigh of 140 pounds, then her weight would be exactly 140 divided by 2.2, or 63.63 kilograms. The EER calculator by calculator-online can be used to determine the EER (number of calories) that your body needs to consume to maintain your weight at its current level.

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EER Equation Rely On Gender Differences:

The medical EER equation is different for men and women.

The formula for EER:

For men 19 and older: EER = [662 – (9.53 x age)] + PA x [(15.91 x weight) + (539.6 x height)]

For women 19 and older: EER = [(354 – (6.91 x age)] + PA x [(9.36 X weight) + (726 X height)].

An accurate EER calculator uses the same equations for calculating estimated energy requirement for both men and women. Remember that men tend to have higher energy requirements as they burn more calories in a state of rest. While a woman can readily have a higher EER, if she is moderately active, just as a physically inactive or smaller man can have a lower estimated energy requirement.


Calculating EER manually is a time-consuming process and even increase the risk of inaccuracy, So, it’s better to account an online EER calculator that tells how many calories an individual body needs to consume per day to corresponding to his/her daily energy requirements.


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