What is Whole Body Vibration Therapy?

People look for various ways to lose weight and to cure their injuries by hitting the gym and by doing stretching exercises. One method of therapy which is getting popular among athletes and patients recovering from injury is vibration therapy. In whole body vibration therapy, people stand on a platform which will start vibrating. This vibration will vary according to frequencies and also depending on the amplitude. 

Whole body vibration machineswere initially used by astronauts to prevent bone loss and to help them get exercise in outer space. Some vibration machine benefits include reduced muscle soreness and improved flexibility. Due to these reasons, it is preferred among athletes to prevent injuries. There are various types of whole body vibration therapies depending on the machine used. 

How to Avoid Injury From WBV

There are many instances where people get injured during whole body vibration therapy. This is because the treatment can be risky for some people like pregnant women, people who have diabetes and people who are already on blood thinners. So everyone has to check with their doctors if they fall into any of these categories to prevent injuries in the therapy. Also, it is good to go with the targeted vibration therapy. It is the safest option, in whole body vibration.

When the intensity of the vibration is kept too high, then the chances of injury are more. So make sure that the intensity does not cross the given threshold. In case you are someone who has a pacemaker attached to your body, then it is not safe for you to use the whole body vibration. There are some vibration products which are made specifically for people with heart issues and for pregnant women. These will have specific vibration settings so as to adjust accordingly. Use these machines which will give you much more authority over the vibration.

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In the case of vibration, there is a combination of frequency as well as amplitude. The whole body vibration will make your body move up and down just like riding a truck. To reduce the frequency and the amplitude so as to avoid any kind of back injuries. The main reason people get injured here is that they increase the frequency and the amplitude which will increase the effect. Before getting into whole body vibration therapy, check with the doctor if you have any kind of blood clot in your body. Avoid the treatment if you have a clot of a tumor. This will prevent any possible injury during the treatment.

Limit the time spent on whole body vibration. More injuries are prone to happen when people tend to spend a long time in therapy. By limiting the time of whole body vibration to less than fifteen minutes will limit the vibration exposure, thus preventing any injury in the long-term. Also, there are chances people might get motion sickness during the therapy and get injured. To avoid that try it out for a minute and stop if you feel motion sickness.

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