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Home Remedies for Toothache

What to do for a bad toothache

how to relieve tooth pain ? Almost everyone would have at least once bear the toothache more likely in childhood days. Toothache is quite common in kids rather than in adults. The reason is obvious that kids don’t take good care of their teeth and it feels them a burden to brush teeth daily. They find ways to avoid this practice even I used to do this when I was a kid. Toothache can be very light or it can be so severe that even adult starts crying. When it’s severe, not just the tooth but the whole jaw feels it and swelling can be observed sometimes in the jaw. In some more severe cases the patient may feel the temperature in body as well. Here are some common Home Remedies for Toothache to relief toothache.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth?

Home Remedies for ToothacheToothache is such a disease which has direct causes. The most common reason behind tooth pain is cavity. Cavity is often found in teeth of kids as they love candies, sweets and chocolates. Such things invites the cavities with warm welcome and the result comes out in the form toothache. The other reason can be a cracked tooth. While playing or due to some accident you can get injury on tooth and there can be some crack on tooth which can cause a severe pain. It will last till the crack is filled either naturally or by some dentist through treatment. Another cause of toothache which is often found in adults is the exposed roots of tooth. Due to excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, acidic drinks and carbonated drinks, the gums can be weak and they can loose the grip of tooth. In such case roots of tooth will be exposed and then you will have to face the sensitivity which can lead to pain in tooth whenever you will eat or drink something.

Other causes can be gum disease or some problem with jaws and joints.

Learn How To Stop a Toothache at Home

Whatsoever is the reason, here are some home remedies for toothache so you may start your treatment at home from your kitchen items.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Home Remedies for toothache

Salt Paste a best remedy for toothache pain

Salt is the most effective thing that can give you relief from toothache. I don’t think there would be any house without salt. Salt is an antibacterial compound and it has the ability to treat the inflammation. If you add equal amount of pepper and make a paste then there’s nothing better than this in the world to treat the toothache and I guess it’s the best home remedy for toothache. Simply apply the paste of salt, pepper and water on the affected tooth and you will get the relief from tooth pain.

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home remedies for toothacheClove is the best thing for severe toothache

Another spice easily available in your kitchen can do some great magic and the pain in your tooth will vanish. Clove has been used to treat most of the tooth pains since hundreds of years. It has antiseptic and antibacterial agents in it which can treat your teeth even if there’s some infection in teeth. Get clove powder and mix it in few drops of olive oil. Now apply the paste on the affected tooth. This simple home remedy for toothache can make you fall in love with clove.


home remedies for toothacheRinse Mouth with Salted Warm Water to get pain relief for toothache

For the instant relief from toothache, the easy and best home remedy is a glass of water with half a teaspoon of salt added to it. It should be warm not boiling. Take a sip, don’t swallow rather rinse your mouth thoroughly with this warm salted water. It is very effective treatment. Whenever you feel pain in tooth, do this for severe toothache pain relief instantly. If there’s swelling due to pain, it will help in reducing that too and you will feel instant relief from pain.

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Toothache RemediesGuava Leaves with Anti-inflammatory Power

Guava leaves are said to be very effective for toothache pain relief and can be found very easily. The juice of guava leaves has been used for toothache treatment for centuries. Boil guava leaves in water and add some salt. When the solution gets cool, wash your mouth with it.


how to relieve tooth pain by using spinachChew Spinach for immediate toothache relief

Another very easy and best toothache remedy is chewing spinach leaves. Take few leaves of fresh spinach. Put one leaf in mouth and chew it till the saltish juice of leaves starts flowing in mouth and touches the affected tooth. This juice will treat the toothache magically and hence this simple home remedy for pain in tooth can give you some instant relief.

There are other home remedies for toothache as well but here we mentioned only the most effective ones which are proven in medical studies and tests. Whenever you feel pain in tooth, before visiting dentist and spending sum bucks, try these home remedies for toothache at home and get relief without going to any dentist.