Home Remedies to Treat Ear Mites in Pets/Cats

Natural Cure

All of us love to keep pets and do take care of them. There is no denying that but what if one day you are sitting with your cats and you are casually scratching her ears. You find out that something very distinctive is in the ears. The color of that substance will be dark brown and it will be granulating as coffee does. Well let me make myself clear here, these are some of the tiny parasites that are living in your pet’s ears. 

According to the best veterinary doctor in Karachi, the favorite place for the parasites to live in an animal’s body besides the abdomen is the ears. The unusual stuff that you find in the ears of your pets. These can live as long as they want in your ear and can easily replicate themselves by breeding in the ear canals. These mites can cause ou pretty bad infection in the ears and these make your cat itch and scratch their ears. 

The best way to recognize when your cat is suffering from mites is when they scratch their ears in questionable manners. They will keep on scratching it till it starts to bleed. 

Symptoms of Ear Mites

You need to keep a close eye on the ear canal as there can be some debris accumulated there. If you see the debris and are suspected that the cat or the dog has ear mites then the easy way of cleaning is that you massage the back of the ear to the base and use your forefinger and thumb to do that. 

what do cats like to eat for breakfast? If your cat is healthy and is not experiencing any mites in the ear then it will start to enjoy the massage and will start o purr. However on the other hand, if the cat is not okay and has mites in the ears, it will start to scratch the ears pretty badly. Do not start any kind of home remedy until and unless you are certain that the pet animal has the mites. 

If there is no surely then the safe option is to keep the cat in the vet’s clinic and make his/her recover there. If you are sure of the mites then let’s start with the remedies.

Home Remedies for Removal

Basic Cleaning of the Ear

It basically involves three major steps in order to clean the mites from the ears. The first step includes the removal of the mites from the outer canal of the pet. This can be done by using a cleaning solution. You can gently use put several drops in the ear of the pet and then leave it inside for it to make the debris in the ear soft. Then you can gently massage. This will make the debris come out and you can then massage more and keep taking it out. It is very easy to then wipe it off by using a tissue or a cotton ball afterward.

Do not use earbuds in the ears as these can affect the eardrums of the animals and this can lead to hearing loss. 

Over-The-Counter Medication

There are other options also available where you can go and buy some of the best over-the-counter medications that can work wonderfully against the mites. Make sure that the ones you are using are safe. The most important ingredient in most medications is called Pyrethrin and it is extremely toxic for cats. 

Doctors always recommend medications that have ivermectin as the primary ingredient. Make sure to massage well and do not just use the treatment just one time. Make sure to apply it again as the female mite keeps on reproducing. Make sure to clean all the mites properly in order to make sure that this doesn’t turn into a skin disease or infection. 

Final Thoughts

Ear mites can be of great concern and can affect the cat and other pets pretty badly. Make sure to know the right symptoms of mites and get them treated at home. If the infection or itching has caused wounds in the ears then make sure to visit your relevant veterinary doctor. Besides, make sure to keep the ears clean all the time.