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how to prevent obesityObesity means having excess body fat. It is somewhat different from being overweight in the sense as weight is the sum of muscle, fat, and bones. However, in both cases, the weight of a person Is greater than the normal range for his/her age. An obese person has so much fat accumulated in the body that it has negative effects on health. A common method of knowing you are obese or not is by Body Mass Index (BMI). It is the ratio of your height to weight and tells you whether your weight for your height is appropriate or not. Normal BMI of an individual range from 18.0-25.0- above 25 is overweight and above 30.0 is obese. So by calculating BMI, you can easily assess where you fall in the category of being obese.

Causes Of Obesity

Many factors are making a person obese. Some of the common causes of obesity which are now present in almost every modernized lifestyles are:

Eating Too Much

Nowadays you all know unhealthy diets are becoming common. People tend to eat from restaurants more. Everyone is fond of having junk food. These all are making younger generation obese at a very young age. People are taking in many calories which are depositing in the body as excess fat that cause obesity.

Sedentary Lifestyle

With the advancement of technology now people use to do everything online which makes people lazy and allow them to do everything staying at home. This reduced physical activity played the major role in the development of obesity.

Lack Of Sleep

Research suggests that if one does not sleep appropriate, the risk of obesity doubles. It is suggested that lack of sleep causes obesity by increasing appetite which is due to hormonal changes due to less sleep.

Genetics also involved in obesity as in some families obesity is running in lifelines.

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Risks Of Obesity

Obesity poses the health of a person to major risks. Being obese can cause you to have high risks of developing diseases at a younger age like:


Among above-mentioned obese person lacks interest in everyday life, become fatigued with little activity.

How To Get Rid Of Obesity?

You’ll find in the market and online variety of product claiming weight loss, but all these products do have side effects as they contain medical drugs to make your body system burn more fat or by decreasing appetite. It can weaken your body and internal organs so losing weight by losing vitality is of no use. We are telling you some best natural home remedies for obesity which will help you to lose weight. Also, this natural treatment of obesity doesn’t have any side effects on your overall health status. We recommend you to try our well researched and effective home remedies for obesity before thinking about any medical management.

Obesity Remedy #1: Lemon

Use lemon by mixing three teaspoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Drinking this daily can help you to burn fat quickly. You may want to add a supplement to your morning routine to help you get the day started and provide you with essential energy. Looking into a Morning Complete review to see if this matches your goals, may be a good step to take, otherwise, you can look around for other supplements that can help you with your weight loss journey.

Obesity Remedy #2: Apple Cider Vinegar

Next Obesity remedy is the apple cider vinegar. You must have heard about its weight loss properties, and it is true. It does cause weight loss if you start to have it in your daily diet routine. You can have it by mixing two teaspoons of ACV in warm water and drink it before every meal.

Obesity Remedy #3: Green Tea

Green tea is one of the natural remedies for obesity as it is packed with powerful anti-oxidants which help the body in losing weight. Recommended for those who are losing weight to drink three to four cups of green tea daily.

Obesity Remedy #4: Ginger

Ginger is an everyday ingredient in our daily life culinary practices, and it has been in use for home remedies for obesity. It helps in losing weight b increasing metabolic rate thereby burning calories, by improving digestion making it more effective in absorbing required nutrients. It’s important mechanism which helps in losing weight is that it produces feelings of satiety earlier. You feel full after eating less.

You can consume ginger by chewing fresh ginger piece before meals every day, or you can either have its tea made by boiling small ginger piece in water. If it tastes strong and unpleasant, you can add a little honey to it and then drink it.

Obesity Remedy #5: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is again one of the best simple obesity remedy. It makes metabolism faster. It does not let blood sugar levels get higher and prevents unnecessary fat accumulation in the body. It also causes metabolism of already stored fat in the body.

You can use cinnamon by boiling cinnamon piece or its powder in water. Pour it in a glass mix one tablespoon of honey and drink three to four times a day for quick weight loss.

Obesity Remedy #6: Curry Leaves

You can’t deny the anti-obesity effects of curry leaves as home remedies for obesity. It is rich in alkaloid substance which lowers your total body lipids including cholesterol thereby producing an anti-obesity effect and help in your weight loss programme.

Chew at least eight to ten curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning daily for three to four months.

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How to prevent obesity?

Using natural remedies for obesity can cause you to lose weight. But you have to maintain it for your health status, therefore, prevention of obesity is necessary. You can prevent obesity by taking in fewer calories and burning more calories. You have to include a moderate physical workout in your daily routine and have healthy weight loss diet which is rich in proteins and contains less carbs and fats.