Natural Home Remedies For Menopause

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What is Menopause?

A mature or adult woman observe menstrual periods every month. It last 4 to 7 days normally 5 continues days every month. It starts at certain age and stops after certain age. It can stop even after 30’s which is too early and definitely not a normal situation. It can also continue till the age of 60 even. There’s no exact calculation available which tells when it will start and when it will stop in any woman. When this menstrual periods stop in a woman, this is called Menopause.

Symptoms of Menopause

Home Remedies For MenopauseNormal and regular menstrual periods is the sign of good health in woman. It keeps their hormones level normal. When this process stops, woman may feel few issues of which she’s not used to. Menopause can cause them sudden mood swings. She can become highly emotional. She may feel as if her body is not in her own control now and nothing is pleasant anymore. While sleeping in deep sleep, she can wake up while her body will be shedding sweat. Menopause may not last forever but it can affect a woman’s life definitely.

Home Remedies For Menopause

Here are mentioned below some symptoms and home remedies for menopause:

Flaxseed for Lowering Cholesterol

If you are observing hot flashes due to menopause then you need to lower the cholesterol level in your body. Flaxseed can help in lowering the level of cholesterol in your body as it has Omega 3 fatty acids.

Black Cohosh for Mild and Temporary Treatment

If you are observing hot flashes and the night sweats as well and the situation is not severe then you can treat yourself at home using this home remedy for menopause. Black Cohosh is said to be effective for treating menopause but it’s a mild treatment and just a temporary home remedy for menopause but not a permanent solution.

Vitamin E for Vaginal Dryness

Sometimes menopause brings not just hot flashes but vaginal dryness as well. The home remedy for menopause for this situation is very simple. Get some oil which is rich in Vitamin E and lubricate your vagina with it. It will not only remove the vaginal dryness but it will also help in reducing hot flashes.

Soft Drinks Can Give Instant Relief from Night Sweats

If you wake up with suddenly due to night sweats and hot flashes then take some soft drink. You will feel better instantly and it will give you some instant relief from Night Sweats. But it is recommended that not use any drink which have caffeine. And also avoid alcohol. So the best idea is to drink some fresh fruit juice.

Treat Menopause with Soy

You will read in lots of studies that Soy is very effective in treating the symptoms of menopause but you will rarely read that soy tablets and powder may worse the situation. So try to take only the food that contains soy in it rather than tabs.

Cautions and Warnings

Though we mentioned here some home remedies to treat menopause but every home remedy for menopause has some risks and side effects as well. We tried to mention exact symptoms as well with each remedy so use these remedies with care and at your own risks. All the remedies mentioned here are commonly used remedies and proven by majority of medical studies. If you are not sure about the symptoms then it is advised to meet your doctor instead of treating menopause at home and use recommended medicine.