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Home Remedies for Headaches

Home Remedies for headacheHow to Soothe a Headache ?

I believe there won’t be any person on the plant that will claim that he never had headache. Headache is very common and it is not a disease rather it arise due to some disease or some malfunction in the body.

Common Causes of Headache

There can be several causes for the headache. The list of reasons for headache is too long to be mentioned here. Very common causes of headache can be lack of sleep, anxiety, hypertension, hangover, suffocation and many more.

How to Treat Headache

As it is a very common problem, the treatment is very common as well. You can even treat it at home. Here are mentioned few home remedies for Headache:

Natural Headache Remedies

1. Smell Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has refreshing fragrance and it gives you instant relief from headache. What all you have to do is to put the bottle of peppermint oil near your nose and take deep breath from nasal side so you may inhale the fragrance of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil home remedy for headache is very effective. It normalize the blood flow and you get rid of headache.

2. DIY Massage for Headache

There are many natural remedies for headache but DIY Massage is something that can give you instant relief from headache. If you have nothing at home or you are away at some place where you can’t have any medicine or headache home remedy then DIY massage can be very effective. Close you eyes and start massaging the sides of your forehead and eyes area. Do it gently in circular motion. It will give you some instant relief from headache.

3. Cloves and Clove Oil for headache relief

Cloves are the easily available item in almost every kitchen. If you are restless due to severe headache then get some cloves, grind or crush these cloves and put them in some tissue paper or cotton or even in some piece of cloth. Now smell it. It will bring your blood pressure to normal level and you will feel better.

If you have clove oil at home then it would be better to have a little clove oil massage on your head or forehead.

4. Apple and Apple cider vinegar to cure a headache

Most of the times the headache arise in your body due to unbalanced combination of acid and alkaline in your body. To bring it back to normal position, eat apple by adding salt to it. Or you may use apple cider vinegar as headache home remedy. Take 2 tsp of vinegar and put it in a glass of water. Now fill the glass with water and drink it in sips. It can give you relief from headache in a couple of minutes.

5. Acupressure Point

Very easy and very effective headache home remedy is acupressure point massage. To get instant relief from headache stretch you index finger and thumb of left hand and press the fleshy part between both with right hands index finger and thumb. Apply gentle pressure and keep massaging for a minute or two. Now do the same with right hand. It will make you feel better as your headache would have gone.

6. Basil Oil

Basil oil, like peppermint oil have some great relaxing fragrance. Smelling basil oil can make your muscles relaxed and you will feel clam. It can reduce your headache magically.

7. Flaxseed As Headache Home Remedy

Omega 3 fatty acids can cure the headache as most of the time headache is caused by some inflammation. The easily available kitchen item enriched with Omega 3 is flaxseed. If seeds are not available, you can use the oil as well to get relief from headache.

So using any of these home remedies for headache, you can get rid of headache.