Home Remedies for Weakness

remedies for weakness

Weakness is often referred to the feeling of lack of energy in body or tiredness may be due to skipping the meal or for any reason, and home remedies for weakness are the best solution. Weakness in the body is a common issue or feeling and almost every day or at least once a week there comes the point when we feel weakness in our body that can be treated with simple remedies for weakness. It often makes us slow in our routine or even stops us from concentrating on our work. Common symptoms of weakness are:

  • Tiredness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Excessive sweating
  • Difficulty in falling asleep.

Cause of Weakness

remedies for weakness

There can be various causes of weakness. Main cause can be skipping meals or eating the unhealthy diet. Other common reasons can be carelessness in taking proper sleep, excessive workload, untimely and unhealthy meals and many more like that. Dehydration can also give you the feeling of weakness, and it can be due to lack of drinking water or by drinking salted or contaminated water.

Emotional stress is another majorly reported cause of weakness, and it can be dangerous sometimes. Sudden changes in your lifestyle and routine often bring some feeling of weakness and tiredness with it. You might have felt it whenever you would have started exercise after long. Of if you start a new job which had the different routine and different type of workload, you would have felt weakness and tiredness for a week at least. It was just because your body wasn’t used to of this new routine and now it’s adjusting accordingly, and you are feeling the weakness.

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Whatsoever, proper diet is mandatory to keep your body healthy and to stay away from the feeling of being weak. Skipping meals and not taking care of your diet can be the cause of various types of deficiencies in your body. If won’t be taking proper diet full of essential nutrients then more the chances are there your body will start feeling weakness and hence you will get slow.

Natural Home Remedies for Weakness

Natural home remedies for weakness are the instant treatments that you can get any time from your kitchen or refrigerator. Below mentioned natural remedies for weakness are good for temporary and for overall weakness in the body. Home remedies for weakness may not be enough if you feel that you need to take extra help from medication, you can consult your doctor as well. Here below we will discuss some of the readily available foods to eat when feeling weak. You can include these in your diet for weakness in your body.


Milk is often referred to as the supreme diet. Milk as some very vital elements like calcium that our body needs for the growth. And for the same reasons, the kids are given milk as a rich source of calcium, Vitamin B and other vital elements that our body needs for proper growth.

Milk is an instant home remedy for weakness in body. You can add sugar or honey or anything natural to make it sweeter if you want instant weakness treatment. Milk is good for any kind of weakness whether it a sudden weakness in whole body because you were feeling hungry or if it was because you were have done some hectic work involving some physical activity.

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Coffee is another good idea to get rid of weakness and tiredness instantly. Whenever you feel tired, it’s good to have a cup of coffee. Coffee if fuel of life for coffee lover but of course excess of everything is terrible so, be careful. Well, coffee contains caffeine which boosts your body instantly and generates some chemicals in your brain that stimulates your brain activity as well, and you start feeling energetic and prevent weakness.


There’s another thing often present in your kitchen or refrigerator which can relieve general weakness in just five minutes and it is Egg. An egg is a complete pack of nutrients, and you must have an egg every day if possible. Egg contains iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, protein and other essential elements as well. Like milk, an egg is an instant cure for weakness. If you are feeling down and blood pressure is low, just boil an egg for five minutes and eat it with black pepper and salt that will prevent weakness in body.


Yogurt is yet another rich source of protein and instant energy full of nutrients which is readily available in any kitchen or at your nearest grocery store and good to relieve general weakness. It contains all the nutrients of milk with extra elements which make is digestive as well. It contains natural sugar which gives you instant energy as you put the very first spoon of yogurt in your mouth. If you are feeling down, take simple yogurt or add sugar to taste and eat it and you will feel better. You can term yogurt as the health tonic for weakness as it acts magically to give you an energetic feeling and reduce weakness.

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Fruits to Get Rid of Weakness

Fruits are some natural source of nutrients which can provide you with relief from weakness. Fruits are natural home remedies for fatigue and weakness. Readily available fruits which are rich sources of carbohydrates and which can give you some instant boost and are best of body weakness treatment:

  • Dates
  • Banana
  • Oranges
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Lemons

Fruits for weakness are the best cure or treatment. If you are wondering how to cure weakness after fever, then you must think about fruits. Dates are put on the top of the list because it’s a rich source of carbohydrates and other nutrients. It’s a complete food pack that can keep you healthy if you take one or two dates daily. Similarly banana is the rich source of Phosphorus and calcium as well.  You can eat these fruits directly, or you can take them in the form of a Milkshake. You can get instant boost and weakness will go away in just a glass.


Almonds rich with vitamin E and carbohydrates should be put on the top of the list of home remedies for weakness. Almonds are readily available at every home. Not just almonds, other nuts are also the excellent source to overcome the symptoms of weakness.

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