Home Remedies for Tinnitus

Home Remedies for Tinnitus

It is the condition in which a patient feels noise or ringing affect in the ears. It isn’t a condition rather a symptom of some of the diseases like loss of hearing, any serve injury of ear or some disorder related to circulatory system. It gets worst with increase in age but if proper treatment is taken in time the condition get improved.Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for tinnitus are listed below:

Tinnitus Causes:

Home Remedies for TinnitusTill now the exact cause of tinnitus is not recognized but the main reason associated with this is the damage of cells of the inner ear. There are tiny hairs are present in the inner ear which controls the pressure of the sound waves which sends signals to brain through nerves. but due to damage of cells, these signals get interrupted which resulted in loss of hearing and noise in the inner ear.

There are numerous other health problems and chronic diseases which affect the hearing system as well. Like,

  • Blockage of ear wax promotes the growth of bacteria that causes irritation and traps dirt
  • Changes in the bones structure of ear drum also results in tinnitus
  • severe head injuries or neck injuries also affect the hearing and get painful noises in ear
  • sometimes noncancerous tumors imbalances the control of hearing and nerve transmission
  • irregular blood vessel flow is seriously associated with tinnitus
  • high blood pressure
  • intake of excess alcohol, caffeine and like same products
  • some antibiotics like erythromycin
  • cancer treatments
  • reaction to aspirins and pain killers
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Tinnitus Symptoms:

The most common symptoms are noisiness in the ears like ringing, buzzing, clicking, heckling etc. Signals are not properly send to brain that result in interruption and loss of hearing.

Home Remedies for Tinnitus

One of the best treatments is to remove the ear wax, which helps in clear hearing and remove irritation and pain. This will help to decrease tinnitus symptoms. In case of problem with blood vessels proper treatment is required like proper medications, surgery and other therapies.

For noise suppression, a lot of drops are available that aid the hearing process. In this use the devices that control the environmental noise like ocean waves, traffic noise etc. use of fans, humidifies help to control the level of moisture in the room which controls the level of noise travelling in air. Numerous therapies and techniques are also very effective in reducing noise and irritation in the ears.

For proper rest and treatment, antidepressants are available that give relief to hearing loss but always use with the recommendations of doctor because it may results in side effects of dry mouth, blurred vision, heart problems and constipation. Along with these medications some of home remedies for tinnitus are also very helpful like:

  • Avoid use of possible irritants that make the condition of tinnitus worst.
  • Excess use of caffeine, nicotine or alcohol make the condition worst so avoid using these substances
  • Try to manage the level of stress. for this do proper exercise, adopt relaxation therapies and yoga etc
  • by controlling the flow of blood vessels also support the simulations of signals from inner ear to brain
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