Home Remedies for Tinea Cruris

Home Remedies

Tinea Cruris is a condition in which there is itch in inner thighs. It is a skin fungus infection that can be easily treated with useful home remedies for tinea cruris.

Natural Remedies for Tinea Cruris

home remedies for tinea cruris

  • Get a cotton ball, make it dip in drops of oil from tea tree and apply on the affected area with the help of that dipped cotton ball. Let it air dry. Repeat this remedy several times a day for a few weeks or until you get complete relief from this itching problem.
  • Take a bath in salt water as it would be an effective treatment to cure Tinea Cruris. Just add some amount of salt in the bath water and soak in this water for half an hour. Keep doing this treatment daily for the best results. You can also make use of Epsom salt for the same treatment.
  • Make a paste of blended garlic cloves and olive oil and apply this mixture to the affected area to remove Tinea Cruris.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for tinea cruris to get instant results.