Home Remedies for Tendonitis

A tendon foot leads to irritation and inflammation in the tendon part of foot. However, you ca get rid of this problem using following home remedies for tendonitis.

Natural Remedies for Tendonitis

Home Remedies for Tendonitis

  • Ice pack is literally an effective remedy for foot tendonitis. Just take some crushed ice and wrap it in a thin towel. Use to place this towel on inflamed area of tendon. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Repeat this remedy many times a day and you will get relief from sharp pain and inflammation of tendonitis.
  • Take warm olive oil and massage your feet using this oil. Keep massaging for several minutes and repeat this remedy many times a day for the best results in healing tendonitis.
  • Foot bath and foot soak is also an effective treatment for foot pains and other related ailments. Just add Epsom salt in the tub of water and let your feet soak in this solution for several minutes. Use to practice this remedy twice a day.

Follow the above home remedies for tendonitis to get instant results.

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