Home Remedies for Sneezing

Home Remedies

Sneezing is a very common problem with lots of people including men and women. You can treat this problem if you make use of following home remedies for sneezing.

Natural Remedies for Sneezing

Home Remedies for Sneezing

  • Take black pepper powder and mix it in Luke Warm water and drink daily. You will notice abrupt comfort from frequent sneezing.
  • Chamomile tea is also very effective in treating the problem of sneezing. Just take chamomile leaves and let them boil in the water for 5 minutes. Then strain and drink it. Daily practice of drinking this tea can help you get relief from sneezing.
  • Add pepper mint oil in boiling water and take steam from this solution. Do this daily for the best results in treating sneezing.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for sneezing to get cure.