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What is Scabies

The skin is known to be the largest organ of the body. Covering almost all our overalls, the skin works as a protective barrier against parasitic microorganisms. Once the skin is broken, pollens and microorganisms are able to enter causing inflammation and skin problems. Yet, there are germs that, even without break in the skin, are able to manifest their evil schemes; given for example the disease Scabies.

Scabies is a skin condition wherein bacteria penetrate through the skin causing lesions and rashes all throughout the area. The lesions appear to be brownish and are very itchy. It does not resolve on its own. There should be treatment proceedings to eradicate this menace. If not treated immediately, it can progress into a more problematic state. Here are some home remedies for scabies that can help you greatly on dealing with this dilemma.

Home Remedies For Scabies

Home Remedies for ScabiesHygiene issues are the primary reason why scabies become persistent. Poor hygiene coupled with a dirty environment results to this annoying skin condition. The mites can spread if poor hygiene is not alleviated. What you should do is to make sure that you practice good hygiene practices. If a normal person bathes himself once or twice daily, an individual inflicted with scabies do frequent baths five to six times daily. Thoroughly clean your house and take out soiled items. Wash your blankets and other sheets that are the main route of the problem. Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean does not only remedy the parasitic microorganisms causing scabies, but it will keep skin disorders away for a while since optimal sanitation is observed. If hygiene is the reason for this, then major home remedies for scabies will still be hygiene.

Remember that scabies is highly contagious so you should be very careful in dealing with persons having this condition. You can use clean gloves when you assist washing him and when removing the soiled linens.

To eradicate the thriving agents, there are certain home products that are as effective as synthetic items that are sold in the market. You can apply vinegar and corn starch on the rashes because it can kill it instantly. You should do the application twice a day in 10-minute intervals. The full effects are seen when it is constantly used for a week. It may totally erase the scabies but some large rashes will take more time.

Herbal products can also be helpful on remedying this problem. You can use Neem leaves because it has anti-bacterial components that are very potent at killing scabies-forming microorganisms. Mix the leaves with a special powder and oil for it to be effective. The effect will be at a bare minimum if it isn’t mixed with these two important ingredients. There are also other herbal preparations that are as effective as Neem leaves such as tulip extracts and mahogany tender roots.

If you don’t want something that is proven and tested, you can go for topical medications. Apply anti-bacterial creams on the area affected and it will be removed in just a few days. Just make sure that you follow the stringent protocols on the bacteria’s spread by using clean gloves or placing the cream on tissue papers for the application.

After getting cured of scabies, you should always remember that it can happen again when there is an improper maintenance of what was once established. So it is crucial to maintaining optimal cleanliness. You can join community-organized projects on promoting sanitary conditions to get more information on methods to keep that cleanliness up.  Other than that, you can look for a non-governmental organization that caters for skin disorder welfare. It will be a good idea because there will be a lot of teachings and applications. In having this, you are always on the safe zone.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for scabies and get instant results.