Home Remedies for Poison Sumac

Natural Remedies for Poison ivy, oak & Sumac-min

Poison sumac is an allergic effect that causes by poisonous trees including poison ivy and poison oak. Itchy rash is a major discomfort of this skin allergy. You are said to follow the home remedies for poison sumac as given below to treat this skin problem.

Poison Sumac Remedies

Home Remedies for Poison SumacWashing the entire body and other objects that may come into contact with poisonous trees should be the very first step to treat this allergy. Make use of good antibiotic soap and water and keep washing your body for 20 to 30 minutes. Also make it sure that all of your shoes, clothes and other accessories are well cleaned of poisonous oil extracted from these trees and causes itchy rashes.

Cold compress and massage can also be very good to treat itchy rashes as a result of poison sumac. Just take ice cubes and rub them gently over your entire body to get soothe from the severe itchy rash.

Apply ample amount of zink oxide to prevent appearing skin blisters.

Follow the above-mentioned Home Remedies for Poison Sumac to get cure instantly.

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