Home Remedies for Poison Ivy

Home Remedies

What is Poison Ivy

Plants are created for all the living and abiotic things. They serve as producers of oxygen for animals and humans. Plants also contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals for the nutrition of living things. There are a lot more benefits taken from plants, but in totality, plants have this unique characteristic called precursory.

They are precursors of almost all things. Yet, not all plants carry with them positive effects all the time. Some plants, unfortunately, cause harm to its surroundings when used the wrong way. One of these is poison ivy.

From the movie Batman, we see that Poison Ivy is a very deadly enemy that came from poisonous plants. Similar to reality, poison ivy is really dangerous when it is hinged to your skin. It can cause severe reactions to your skin and if ignored, it can damage your internal organs too. So, it is important to know the home remedies for poison ivy because if you know someone stung by poison ivy, you could immediately cure it in the best way possible.

Symptom of Poison Ivy

Home Remedies for Poison IvyThe first symptom that you will witness with a person having poison ivy contamination is red rashes on the area where the plant hit him. Once you see this, immediately go to a near faucet and let running water run through the area with the red rashes. If you are camping or hiking, because poison ivy usually is found in mountainous places, you can go to a near river. Make sure that it is a river, not a lake. Running water is necessary here because stagnant water is dirty.

After the appearance of the red rashes, itchiness will sink in. The rashes will be very scratchy that it will surely make you go crazy. What you need to do is to bring with you rubbing alcohol. It will really come handy since you don’t need huge amounts of it to relieve itchiness. Pour a suitable amount on the area and it will stop the proliferation of poison ivy and will relieve itchiness for the meantime. Yet, the itchiness will come back in some matter of hours so immediate drug administration is necessary to halt poison ivy.

Home Remedies for Poison Ivy

Some of the very home-based remedies for poison ivy involve the use of soap and water. Any kind of soap can be used. Let some water drape your hands and work the soap all over your hands. Apply it on the affected area to disinfect it. You should use clean gloves when you do the application since poison ivy contamination is contagious.

After disinfecting, you can proceed to the usage of baking soda and coffee. These two are main home remedies for poison ivy since they work mainly to stop poison ivy’s movement. Baking soda is used to stop the growth of the rashes and the spread of skin disorder while coffee acts upon the stimulation of the infection. It generates special chemoreceptors to inhibit receptors from passing it into the brain. In short, the coffee works on relieving itchiness for some period of time. This duo is usually used for house settings since it appears to be very effective. Just watch for skin reactions to coffee because it contains components that cause irritation to the skin. Nevertheless, it is very effective.

Getting all home remedies for poison ivy on your head, one thing is still the topmost priority. It is that you should prevent the occurrence of the disease. There are several ways on how to do these and avoiding it will make you safe from the hassle of dealing with this annoying disorder. This is very unpleasant, so it is highly advisable to resist this at all times by a protective spray or through the use of long garments.