Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Home Remedies

Pneumonia is a respiratory disease that is caused by the spread of viral bacteria. It is one of fatal disease but can be controlled with some good home remedies for pneumonia.

Natural Remedies for PneumoniaHome Remedies for Pneumonia

  • Take one part of milk and four part of water and add crushed garlic in it and let it boil for several minutes. Strain and let it cool. Use to drink this solution for many times a day for the best results in cure of Pneumonia.
  • A mixture of garlic juice, lemon juice and honey also lasts very effective in treating Pneumonia. This solution should drink for a few days to remove this viral infection.
  • Include variety of fruit juices to you day to day routine, for example, juices extracted from different fruits and vegetables are very good to have relief from inflammation of lungs during pneumonia.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for pneumonia to get cure.