Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

Nose Bleed or Epistaxis is a very common happening. The blood starts flowing out of nostrils and it looks terrible to see but in reality or medically it is not that much serious issue most of the times. The common cause can be an injury to nose, head or hypertension. In less severe cases no serious medical treatment is required and it stops normally within a couple of minutes but sometimes the medical treatment is required. Keeping in view the sensitivity of case and cause, Nose Bleed is categorized into two types i.e. Anterior and Posterior. Here are some symptoms, causes and home remedies for nose bleeding are listed below:

  • Anterior is not that much serious and the most common type of Nose Bleed as more than 90% cases of nose bleed are of anterior type. It can be treated very easily by simply taking measures.
  • Posterior is very rare to see and is a serious issue. It needs instant medical treatment. In most cases of Posterior nose bleed, the patient is hospitalized to give proper treatment.

Causes of Nose Bleed

Like the types of Nose Bleed, causes are also divided in two types:

1.      Local Factors

The Most common local factors of Nose Bleeding can be any environmental irritation or reaction due to hot or extremely cold weather, some accidental injury like a punch on face, head or directly on nose.

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2.      Systemic Factors

Less common and systemic factors of Nose Bleed can be some side effect of infectious disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, anemia, drug reaction, liver disease, pregnancy, deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin K or vascular disorder.

Nose Bleed Symptoms

The obvious symptom of nose bleed is the out drain of blood through nose. Most of the times it is not severe and the blood comes out through only one nostril but if the bleeding is excessive, it can come out of both nostrils. In rare cases of very extreme bleeding the blood can come out of eyes and ears as well or the blood will go to stomach which can cause vomiting.

Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

Home Remedies for Nose BleedingIn normal cases the bleeding automatically stops when the blood clot is cleared which was caused due to punch or some irritation or injury. If it doesn’t stop then you need to press the nostrils for few minutes till the blood clots. Lean your head forward to avoid flow of blood to stomach else blood going to stomach can disturb it and you will feel nausea.

If you feel the case is severe then medical treatment must be given in time else the patient can feel dizzy due to excessive blood loss and there can be some severe weakness and blood deficiency in the patient. The first aid treatment can be the nose packing with some cotton type material dipped in silver nitrate compound.

In Nose Bleeding people often try to cool down the head and neck of the patient by throwing light cold water on the head. This treatment is controversial as contrary thoughts are there about this treatment but most of the times it works.

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Follow the above mentioned home remedies for nose bleeding to get instant cure.

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