Home Remedies for Mumps

Home Remedies

Mumps is a sort of viral infection that is very common among children. However, you can control this disease with the following home remedies for mumps.

Natural Remedies for Mumps

Home Remedies for Mumps

  • Take the dry form of ginger powder and mix in the required amount of water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to the affected area of cheeks and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Let it dry its own and then clean with a wet cloth. You can reduce pain and swelling of cheeks using this remedy 3-4 times a day.
  • Make a paste of Aloe Vera gel and turmeric powder and apply it on the area of mumps. Let it sit for several minutes then wash off carefully. This is also an effective treatment to get rid of mumps.
  • Indian lilac or neam leaves are also considered one of the most effective remedies to treat mumps. For this, you just need to take a handful of neam leaves and blend them properly, add some amount of turmeric powder in it and make a thick paste. Now apply on cheeks and get soothe of pain and swelling.

Follow the above home remedies for mumps to get instant relief.