Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness is very common and known with various terms like travel sickness, sea sickness, car or even airsickness. As its various names shows, this disease is caused by the motion. You might have observed dizziness, nausea or fatigue while travelling some long distant in car or bus or train. These are the common symptoms of motion sickness. If the condition becomes uncontrollable then the patient vomits and feels relaxed a bit. Here are some symptoms, causes and home remedies for motion sickness are listed below:

Motion Sickness Causes

Home Remedies for Motion SicknessMotion sickness is caused mostly due to disagreement between ears, eyes and brain. Human brain has some automatic responding systems. When it sees or feels something poisonous, it makes us to vomit so the poison could not enter the stomach or blood.  Ears helps us in maintaining balance according to the motion. When we travel, our ears tells the brain that motion detected but our eyes sees everything still and conveys the brain that there’s no motion. When the brain gets two conflicting messages, it thinks that something poisonous entered the body which is causing malfunctioning of different parts of the body. These conflicting messages cause dizziness and nausea. The automatic defense system of brain gets activated and the patient vomits.

Motion Sickness Symptoms

As discussed earlier there are just few but very common symptoms of Motion or travel sickness like:

  • Patient feels dizziness at initial stage.
  • Sometimes feelings of tiredness are observed in the patient as well.
  • The motion causes nausea and the patient vomits
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Home Remedies for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can be treated by taking some precautionary or preventative steps as discussed below:

1.      Take a Nap

The best way to avoid motion sickness symptoms is to take a nap if you can. It will resolve the conflicts arising in your brain and when you will get up you will feel relaxed. If you can’t take a nap then simply close your eyes and start imagining something which excites you. It may divert your attention and you will feel okay as your eyes will stop sending messages to your brain about motion or stillness.

2.      Start Chewing

Chewing gum can give the motion sickness patient some relief. It’s not necessary to chew a gum, but you can keep anything sweet in your mouth so the sweet taste will keep your mind active and you will feel better.

3.      Activity

Other preventative measure you can take is to sit in the direction of motion and start looking out of the window in the direction of motion. It’s better to look at the far distant things like horizon. It will resolve the conflict between vision and balance and the patient will feel better.

4.      Medication

Apart from above mentioned preventative measures, some medicines are also available in the market for the patient of motion sickness. But these medicines are not easily available in United States without Doctors prescriptions. Scopolamine, Dramamine and Stugeron are very effective medicines for Motion or Travel Sickness.

5.      Home Remedy Treatment

For every sickness there’s at least one home remedy treatment. For motion sickness, Ginger root is considered very effective. The patient can chew it or can take it in the tea to avoid nausea due to motion sickness.

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Follow the above mentioned home remedies for motion sickness to get instant results.

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