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Home Remedies for MigraineIt is severe headache that cause intense throbbing and pounding sensations in a specific area of head and have an associated feeling of nausea. It is highly sensitive to light and sound. It stays for hours and become sever until you find a dark and quiet place. It is headed with the warning symptoms associated with sensations like itchiness in the arms and legs, blind spot etc. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for migraine are listed below:

Migraine Causes:

According to medical physician, it is majorly caused due to environmental changes or associated genetically. It is the caused due to changes in the nerves and brain stem. Imbalance in the chemicals of the brain like serotonin leads to migraine. Due to these following conditions, migraine also triggers including:

  • Hormonal changes in females; such that severe headache before and during menstrual periods
  • some of the food items like saltish and processed meal
  • by skipping meal on the frequent basis also introduces migraines
  • intake of food additives
  • alcohol
  • caffeine beverages
  • intense stress and depression
  • reaction to unusual smells of perfumes, smoke, thinner etc
  • intense physical exertion
  • change in pressure and weather changes

Migraine Symptoms:

Migraine has basically four major stages named as

  • Prodrome: it is the initial stage that is started two or three days before the migraine. it appears in form of :
    • constipation
    • increased anxiety
    • hyper activity
    • irritation
    • neck stiffness
    • too much yawning
    • food yearnings
  • Aura: it is during or just before the migraine condition. it is deeply associated with the nervous system and appear in form of following signs:
    • blurred vision
    • loss of sight
    • have pinching feeling in the arms and legs
    • problem in the speaking and language
  • Headache: this is the stage when migraine is untreated form more than three days. Its symptoms are quite severe and deeply affect the human health like:
    • pain in either side of the head and get severe with light and sound
    • pain has pulsating and throbbing affect
    • have feeling of nausea and vomiting
    • distorted and dull vision
    • dizziness
  • Postdrome: it is the final stage when migraine is appeared in form of attack. It has mild euphoric and ecstatic feeling.

Home Remedies for Migraine

According to doctors, migraine is not cured fully but it can be treated to make the condition controllable. In this regard a lot of medicines are designed for this disease either to reduce the intensity of pain or prevent the migraine. These medicines are categorized in two broader forms:

  • Pain killer medications depending upon the type of migraine, either of acute type or of abortive type. It mainly includes Tylenol for mild symptoms and ibuprofen a chronic symptoms.
  • Other is preventive medicines that reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

While using these medicines, one thing which should be kept in mind that regular usage of these medicines are harmful and cause ulcers, become the reason for gastrointestinal bleeding and constant headache. Where these medicines are helpful in giving relief at the same time it has some side effects too and increase the risk to life.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for migraine to get instant cure.