Natural Remedies for Low Platelet Count

A low platelet count is directly associated with blood issues happens to come in our body. The problem can be cured using following natural remedies for low platelet count.

Low Platelet Count Remedies

Natural Remedies for Low Platelet CountTry to eat ripe papaya as much as you can in daily routine or drinking papaya juice is also very effective in treating low platelet count. You can mix lemon juice with papaya juice to enhance its taste.

Simply drink one glass of wheat grass juice daily, and you will notice better condition regarding low platelet count.

Use to increase intake of pumpkin in your food recipes and drinking pumpkin juice is also very good to treat low platelet count.

Boil fresh leaves of spinach and then mix them with tomatoes juice and drink this juice daily to have the better condition of the blood.

You need to be just aware of these natural remedies for low platelet count.

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