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Home Remedies for Low Blood SugarThis is medically known as “hypoglycemia” in which the level of glucose lowers down which leads to decrease the level of energy to conduct the physical and daily routine activities. As glucose is the vital source of energy in the body, so when it lowers down in the body, ultimately the level of energy also decreases. It is deeply associated with malnutrition or uneven drinking patterns especially for diabetic patients. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for low blood sugar are listed below:

Low Blood Sugar Causes:

Low blood sugar can be caused due to number of reasons. It is normally caused due to reaction of treatment of diabetes.  Diabetes is the disease in which a person’s body is unable to produce and use the insulin in an appropriate amount. Insulin helps to unlock the cells and let the glucose enter in to the blood and give energy in return. So in case of low production of insulin, injections are given. If insulin is injected in too much amount, the level of sugar in the blood will drop down immediately which affects the physical activities.

While some other causes may be:

  • reaction of certain medicines like quinine
  • drink too much alcohol
  • kidney failure or disorder
  • malfunctioning of liver as in case of hepatitis
  • deficiency of secretion of adrenal glands
  • surgery to lose weight

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms:

Some of the basic symptoms associated with this disease are as follow:

  • hunger
  • felling of thirstiness
  • shakiness
  • trembling
  • intense sweating
  • rapid change in mood
  • headache
  • skin itchiness
  • lack of concentration
  • tiredness
  • pale and dull skin

Home Remedies for Low Blood Sugar

Following are the natural home remedies for low blood sugar to get cured.

In order to make the condition of the patient normal, the immediate treatment is to give juice or food rich in sugar content. In this regard, rich carbohydrate meal is very effective in balance out the level of sugar in the body. If someone loses the consciousness due to hypoglycemia, an injection of hormone glucagon is very effective to restore the both levels of glucose and conscious. But this injection should be used after the consultation of the doctor.

In case of unconsciousness, never indulge the food by mouth to the patient because it will lead to some other serious conditions. Immediately take the patient to the doctor.

In case of diabetic patients, regularly check the level of sugar before taking the insulin. it will help you out to adjust the dose of insulin accordingly.