Home Remedies for Laryngitis

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Home Remedies for LaryngitisIt is the inflammatory effect in the voice box due to it’s over usage, or irritation or infection. When looking at the formation of larynx, we come to know that there are two layer of mucous membrane in the vocal cords which is covering the muscles as well as cartilage.  And these vocal cords produce the sounds with its movements and vibration in an extreme slow motion.

Swelling in the vocal cords distorted the sound that is produced after passing the air over them thus results in sound hoarseness. It can vary from minor to severe forms. Normally voice changes due to viral infection or strain in the vocal cords. And sometimes, it is the sign of some serious medical problem. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for laryngitis are listed below

Laryngitis Causes:

Acute or temporary laryngitis is caused due to:

  • viral infection
  • infection in the sinuses
  • strain in the vocal cords
  • over usage of voice
  • yelling or screaming
  • bacterial infection

While chronic laryngitis is normally caused due to over usage of vocal cord or some injury/ outgrowth of the vocal cords. These injuries may be:

  • intake of fumes of toxic chemicals
  • allergy to smoke
  • reflux of acidity of the stomach
  • problem of persistent sinusitis
  • excess intake of alcohol
  • smoking and intake of tobacco
  • severe infection caused due to bacteria or parasites
  • cancers of vocal cords
  • lung tumors
  • bowing of vocal cords in the old age

Laryngitis Symptoms:

In most of the cases, the symptoms will sustain for couple of weeks but if it prolonged for weeks, and then there is need proper treatment or consult the doctor. The general symptoms are:

  • voice hoarseness
  • sore throat
  • dry throat and cough
  • tickling feeling and roughness in the throat
  • high pitch breathing
  • sound comes while inhaling and exhaling
  • feel obscurity in ingestion and breathing
  • high fever

Home Remedies for Laryngitis

If the laryngitis is caused due to viral infections, anti viral antibiotics are very effective in giving relief and improve the symptoms. Similarly bacterial infections are also cured by taking antibiotics so as to restrict the growth of bacteria.

In order to minimize the effect of inflammation and swelling, corticosteroids are available that treat it on the urgent basis. Plus it will support the voice while speaking. Along with these medicines, home remedies are very helpful like:

  • Use of air humidifier will help to keep the air of the room moist just to reduce the strain on the vocal cords. By inhaling the steam of hot water or taking hot shower will help to reduce the swelling or inflammation of the vocal cords.
  • Rest your vocal cord by minimizing the speaking or singing activities.
  • drinking a lot of water will keep you away from dehydration as well as keep the vocal cords moist
  • gargling warm salt water will help to soothe the vocal cords
  • use of chewing gum also help to keep your throat moist
  • do not smoke or take tobacco otherwise the condition get worst

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for laryngitis to get instant cure.