Home Remedies for Indigestion

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It is the disturbance in the digestion of food in the stomach or discomfort feeling in the upper abdomen. In medical terms it is known as “dyspepsia”. It is not a disease rather a symptom or indication of numerous other diseases. It is the feeling of fullness that a person has before starting a meal. It is normally due to the fact that you lay down after over eating or taking heavy meals. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for indigestion are listed below.

Indigestion Causes

Home Remedies for IndigestionIndigestion can be cause due to various reasons like:

  • over eating
  • eating meal very quickly
  • smoking
  • alcoholic products
  • carbonated drinks
  • anxiety, depression
  • intake of antibiotics
  • excess intake of pain killers and iron supplements
  • fatty and spicy food

While some of the diseases also result in indigestions like:

  • gastritis
  • constipation
  • blockage in the intestine
  • improper blood flow to stomach and intestine
  • inflammatory effect in pancreas
  • ulcers
  • cancer of stomach or liver
  • gall stone

Home Remedies for Indigestion

Though proper lifestyle including balance diet, proper and regular exercise will help to keep you away from indigestion but along with this lifestyle, one must has to adopt some of the basic home remedies for indigestion :

  • avoid taking extra pain killer medicines that become the cause of ulcers and indigestion
  • control anxiety and stress factor
  • Reduce the usage of alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drink. because this will also increase the level of acidity in the stomach
  • try to eat small meal in frequent times rather to rely on large meal for three times a day
  • avoid taking heavy fatty and spicy food that triggers indigestions
  • avoid too much smoking
  • maintains proper and balanced weight because excess weight will also cause problems of indigestion, Try some home remedies for weight loss
  • do some walk after taking meal rather top lay down on the bed
  • consult your doctor if you are on certain medication and that cause irritation
  • Go for yoga or physical activity in order to control the stress and depression. In this regard herbal tea with mint is very effective as mental therapy as well as gives relief to stomach ache.

But if the condition remains same, some of over the counter medicines are very helpful like

  • stomach acid reduction medicines will give instant relief including proton pump inhibitors
  • most of antibiotics are available that help to reduce the growth of bad bacteria
  • anti depressants are available that remove the discomfort and uneasiness

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for indigestion to get instant results.