Home Remedies for IBS

home remedies for IBS

IBS is irritable bowel syndrome that is the disorder related to large intestine. It results in severe pain in abdomen, constipation, cramping, and diarrhea and bloat gas. It doesn’t damage the colon permanently. Only some people complaint the disabling signs caused due to IBS. This can easily be manageable through proper dietary habits, changing life style and managing depression. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for IBS are listed below

IBS Causes:

home remedies for IBS As walls of intestine are linked with the stomach, so it muscles support the movement of food from the stomach to the rectum by passing through intestinal tract. But if you have issue of irritable bowel syndrome, the process of contraction becomes harder and takes longer time than the normal routine. Thus food is forced to move in to the intestine and caused gas, inflation and diarrhea.

In most of the cases, the condition gets opposite in a way that stool gets hard and dry. It is due to abnormalities in the nervous system or with colon. So the person feels discomfort when gas stretched the intestinal wall.

Sometime, it is temporary feeling due to excess intake of carbonated drinks, alcohol, fatty food or some allergic reactions of food. Stress is also another factor that disturbs the stomach and intestinal functioning. Hormonal imbalance in women is the major reason of IBS especially during or near menstrual cycle.

IBS Symptoms:

IBS shows different signs and symptoms in different people but some of the common are:

  • pain in abdomen
  • cramps
  • feeling of bloating
  • frequent gas
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • mucus in the stool
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Sometimes these signs will give you guideline about different other associated diseases. So whenever these signs appear immediately rectify the problem because sometimes it leads to disabling.

Home Remedies for IBS

Until or unless you have idea that what is the major cause of IBS, you won’t be able to take right and accurate treatment. In case of mild signs and symptoms, the first thing which one has to manage is stress, depression and second is to change the lifestyle and dietary habits. It is very effective in giving relief and cures the disease. In this context doctors recommend:

  • Increase the intake of fiber based food or food supplements that are fiber based.
  • anti diarrhea medicines are very effective in making the condition better like Imodium
  • avoid to take those vegetables and food items like beans that cause bloating and gas
  • in order to relief this syndrome, certain medication are available that stimulates the nervous system and give relief
  • as stress is one of the major cause of IBS, so anti depressants are very helpful in managing the situation and improve your condition
  • in case of infection, antibiotics will help to control the growth of bacteria in the intestines
  • better to not to take coffee, or caffeine based product because it will damage the intestine and stomach walls
  • avoid intense smoking and alcohol based drinks because it will increase the production of gas
  • similarly, avoid chewing gum because it lead to swallowing air and cause more gas in the stomach
  • better to take small meals in frequent timings rather to take large meals three times a day
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Follow the above mentioned home remedies for IBS to get instant relief.

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