Home Remedies for Hoarseness

Home Remedies

Hoarseness is the abnormal change in the pitch and volume of sound due to number of conditions. In this condition, a person feel difficulty in producing sounds while speaking. In this regard, vocal cords get weaken, and husky. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for hoarseness are listed below:

Hoarseness Causes:

It is caused due to problem with the vocal cords that is important part of the larynx. In this case, theses vocal cords either swollen or infected. It can be due to number of reasons:

  • sinus infection
  • vocal cord cancer
  • injury or infection in the breathing tube
  • excess smoking or drinking alcohol
  • infection in the upper region of respiratory tract
  • allergic reactions
  • over use of voice like shouting or excess singing
  • changes in voice box due to hormonal effect in the puberty
  • improper secretion of thyroid glands

Hoarseness Symptoms:

The general symptom is the change in the hurl and volume of voice that become harsh and ruthless.

Home Remedies for Hoarseness

Home Remedies for HoarsenessBefore taking the treatment of hoarseness, it is necessary to find out the main reason of this disease. If it is due to sinus infection, take the treatment that removes the infection of respiratory infections. In this regard, cough suppressants are very effective in giving relief and soothing effect. Air humidifiers are also very useful to maintain the level of moisture and humid in the atmosphere so as to reduce the effect of acute laryngitis.

It is better to follow some of preventive measure rather to too much rely on medications:

  • Give extra rest to your voice in order to avoid irritation due to some injury.
  • avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic products in order to get relief
  • drink a lot of fluid or water so that respiratory tract get moist
  • avoid speaking loud, screaming or singing just to give rest to vocal cord in order to return back to normal position
  • do not take spicy food
  • In case of infections, doctors recommend to take antibiotics just to prevent from severity
  • In case of trauma or cancer, special treatments are given. Though it is very painful but is effective in all means.

Due to gastro esophageal reflux, vocal cords get also irritated and infected. Thus it becomes the cause of Hoarseness. Ultimately the vocal cords get swelled and change the voice. One other symptom is the heart burning effect. Voice is worst in the morning and night while it gets better during day time. In this regard, doctors give medicines for the cure of gastro intestinal and heart burning medicines. The most common medicine is helpful in lowering down the acid production in the stomach as well as reinforces the muscles to move back the acid and food in to the esophagus. Thus, calcium carbonate based medicines are very effective that not only treated the acidity issues but also restore the vocal cords in its normal form.

In case of malfunctioning of thyroid glands, proper tablets are given that restore the secretions of these glands and ultimately result in normal pitched voice.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for hoarseness to get instant cure.