Home Remedies for Hives

Home Remedies for Hives

Hives are severe skin rash that appear in form of patches of raised red scratchy wounds. Some of hives disappear automatically in some weeks or so. This is deeply associated with weaker immune system and have underlying problem of autoimmune disorder due to malfunctioning of thyroid glands. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for hives are listed below:

Hives Causes:

Home Remedies for HivesIt has inflammatory affect that triggers the cells a burning effect and small blood capillaries to leak the blood. It is mainly caused due to weak immune system and autoimmune disorder. This disorder appeared due to health problem related to thyroid glands.

Sometimes it may be reaction of some food, allergy of insects or parasitic infections. It can be reaction of excess hot or coldness. It can be formed due to exposure to heat or sunlight or environmental effects.

In most of the cases, people also have reaction to pain killers like Tylenols, aspirin etc. so hives are formed.

Hives Symptoms:

Though the right cause of hives is not identified but it can be judges through following symptoms.

  • appear in form of large red patches
  • in form of small round wheals that changes shapes with time
  • itchiness and have red burning effect
  • in form of rash and batches especially on the face

It can be appeared from 30 min till 36 hours. All these signs are appear on face, around eyes, lips, genital areas, hands, feet and some time inside the throat. When it appears inside the throat, it becomes very painful and hinders breathing.

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Home Remedies for Hives

In order to get instant and quick relief, the doctors recommend to take antihistamines.  These medicines help to lower down the itchiness and get reliving effect. Normally these medicines have little or no side effects in form of gastrointestinal problems or headache. So leave the medicines for some time.

Additionally, corticosteroids are very effective in giving relief against swelling, redness and itching. This is generally suggested for chronic hives. Before taking the above mentioned treatments, first of all take those medicines and supplements that help to strengthen the immune system.

One medicine Xolair is available in form of injection that gives relief against allergic reaction caused due to asthma. It will also help to give relief to chronic hives appear due to autoimmune disorder. Along with the medications, hives are majorly recovered if following precautionary measures are obeyed:

  • avoid to take alcoholic products and carbonated beverages because it will make the situation severe
  • avoid food additives so as to control the condition
  • In such situation do not take over the counter medicines like aspirin naproxen etc.
  • keep yourself relaxed or stress free
  • avoid to go in to extreme temperatures and avoid exposure to heat, sunlight and environmental hazards
  • Some of relieving lotions and creams are available that prevent the hives from infections and spread. Theses ointments and creams also lessen down itchiness, swelling and redness of the spots.
  • In case of parasitic infection, immediately consult the doctor so as to take proper treatment in time and reduce the effect of infection
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Follow the above mentioned home remedies for hives to get instant relief.

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