Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

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It is very common disease that almost every second man is complaining. In this case blood forces extra pressure against the walls of the arteries. If it becomes severe ultimately affect the heart or brain and result in form of heart attack or stroke. Blood pressure is measure in two forms:

  • How much amount of blood heart pumps?
  • How much resistance a blood has to face while flowing in the arteries?

Home Remedies for High Blood PressureThus the more the heart pumps and faces high resistance in flowing, the higher the blood pressure is. It is easily detectable and one must have to take in time treatment so as to avoid serious conditions. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for high blood pressure are listed below:

High Blood Pressure Causes:

Normally high blood pressure is categorized in two major forms:

  • Primary hypertension: as such there is no solid reason for the increase of high blood pressure. It gradually develops over the period of years.
  • Secondary hypertension: it is caused due to numerous associated causes. It appears suddenly and sometimes primary hypertension exceeds to this condition. it is due to various associated conditions like:
    • due to kidney failure
    • tumor of adrenal glands
    • by birth defect in the blood vessels
    • intake of excess over the counter pain reliever medicines
    • too much rely on birth control pills
    • intake of illegal drugs like cocaine
    • intense depression and stress

High Blood Pressure Symptoms:

Most of the people who have high blood pressure are not showing clear and obvious symptoms. And this is one of the alarming sign that reach to dangerous life risks. While some have complaints of:

  • severe headache
  • dizziness
  • dullness
  • muscle stretchiness and muscle ache

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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

According to doctor normal blood pressure is marked as 120/80 mm Hg but if it increases than the normal range and become the routine, then there is need for proper medication. First of all doctors recommend to treat it with diet and control through precautionary measures including:

  • Intake of fresh fruits and vegetable will keep the blood pressure normal. Plus intake of whole grains and low fat food is also helpful. In case of high blood pressure, try to rely on more potassium based food and low saturated fats.
  • Lower down the intake of salt in the food as it is one of the major cause of hypertension
  • Intake of cod liver oil and supplements are also very effective in keeping you fit, healthy and smart plus keep you safe from chronic diseases
  • Maintain the healthy weight so as to control the blood pressure
  • With the help of proper exercise, physical activity and weight loss remedies, extra fats are burnt and help you keep your weight under control
  • In order to ensure the healthy lifestyle, do not take alcohol in excess.
  • Similarly avoid smoking because tobacco will shrink t e blood vessels and accelerate the consolidation of arteries. Thus it hypes the resistance in the flow of blood.
  • One important factor is the stress and depression that stretches your muscles as well as make your breathing difficult. Thus, take extra sleep and keep yourself relaxed to have the significant effect on lowering the blood pressure.

You need to be just aware of the these home remedies for high blood pressure to get instant relief.