Home Remedies for Hiccups

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Hiccups are the involuntary tightening of the diaphragm; as it is the important part which separates the chest from the abdomen and play a vital role in breathing. It is trailed by a sudden end of vocal cords and produces a “hic” sound.

home remedies for hiccupsIt is very common to those who tale large meals or have excess intake of alcoholic products. It can also be alarming sign of certain or severe medical conditions.  Those who are under weight or have problem of malnutrition and put themselves in extra exhaustion have more complaints of hiccups. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for hiccups are listed below:

Hiccups Causes:

Some of the general reasons due to which hiccups are common:

  • excess eating
  • too much intake of alcohol and carbonated drink
  • at once change in temperature
  • emotional stress and depression
  • over excitement
  • after effects of chronic diseases
  • disturbance in metabolic system of the body
  • intake of excess steroids
  • focus on tranquilizers

Hiccups Symptoms:

The prominent sign is the sound of “hic” that is also one of the characteristics. Additionally, tightening feeling in the abdomen and chest. This is due to closure of the vocal cords.

Home Remedies for Hiccups

Normally there is no need of treatment, it disappear after some time. If the cause is due to some medical problem, then take proper treatment of that chronic disease, ultimately hiccups will recover automatically. For longer hiccups, here are following medicines that give relief.

  • antipsychotic tablets
  • anti nausea, anti vomiting medicines are very helpful in minimizing the duration of hiccups
  • muscle relaxant
  • acupuncture is also one of the solution to control long hiccups
  • hypnosis is also suggested for this

If these medicines are not effective then the ultimate solution are injections. These injections contain anesthetic solution that blocks the phrenic nerves in order to stop the hiccups. Another option is the installment of automated device through surgery in order to find out the stimulations of the vagus nerves via electrical system. This treatment is normally suggested for epilepsy and helpful to control importunate hiccups.

Along with these medications, following are the home remedial solutions:

  • sip cold water after some time to give pause in the hiccups
  • better to hold the breath for a while in order to stop hiccups
  • garlic with ice water
  • take a paper bag and breath in to it will ultimately stop the hiccups

In order to ensure the better healthy lifestyle, some of the preventive measures are helpful like

  • better to take small meals and avoid heavy meal at night
  • it is recommendable to walk for a while after every meal rather to lay down on the bed
  • keep you safe from sudden atmospheric changes
  • avoid drinking alcohol or carbonate based drinks that triggers the effect of hiccups
  • if in any case you have take heavy and spicy meal try to rely on water intake and soft meal on the next day so as to control the hiccups
  • the best way is to control your weight through proper remedies, exercise and balances dietary habits

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for hiccups to get instant results.