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Digestive tract disorders are the most disturbing problem that you could garner compared to other system problems. When you have heart problems, it won’t be felt automatically but when it is a digestive problem such as appendicitis or peptic ulcer, you will immediately feel the pain and disturbance.

Among all the stomach problems, one of the most common is gas formation. It does not really bother you but it will a bit embarrassing since you will feel bloated and will frequently pass gas through farting and burping. Gas is the accumulation of more than average gas in the stomach due to either swallowing or too much breakdown of undigested food in the colon.

It doesn’t usually lead to complications but if this is not remedied, there will be abdominal bloating and more frequent belching and farting which will be very disturbing. Good thing is that there are home remedies for gas formation. It’s very simple but highly effective.

Home Remedies for Gas

Home Remedies for GasBy increasing water, there is a high propensity of treating gas because water expels air from the stomach. Get ready for a few minutes of severe burping and farting but it’ll be only for a few minutes because the water is working through your stomach. Just make sure that it should be water, not any other fluid. Do not take in carbonated drinks such as soft drinks or juice tetra packs because they are highly acidic and will promote more gas in your stomach. Also, alcoholic beverages are a big no-no because they bloat the stomach giving gas more power to proliferate.

Aside from water, you can try treating gas with the right body positioning. The best position to release air faster is through the cephalocaudal fetal position. Kneel on your bed with your butt moving freely upward and pull your head down. Push it until you reach the knees as much as possible. By doing this, the pressure in the stomach will be greater which will allow the air to get out either on the mouth or the buttocks. To be very effective, you should be in that position for at least 5 minutes and do it at least four to seven times a day. It will not take you more than a day to relieve this problem if you practice the right position.

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If you don’t want to look stupid and do the fetal position, you can try another one which is the old-fashioned exercise. It is now called ‘the bicycle’. Just like normal bicycling, this will be very similar to that one. There will be one thing that you should do to make it a treatment for gas. You should also keep your hips upward and make sure that it doesn’t hit the floor.

What makes bicycling an effective treatment for gas is because of the pedaling prowess. Once you paddle using your right and left leg simultaneously, the stomach get alternate pressure each stroke you do. It will make the stomach active causing the release of gas. Just continue peddling for more than 30 minutes if you want it to be fully effective. At the middle of your peddling session, you will feel gas to come out like rushing water from your butt so you should not get surprised. This is just a normal reaction of the body to expel the excess gas formation.

Gas may be something that a lot of individuals are afraid of having because it is too embarrassing but it still happens. Just imagine that you go to work and you burp and fart continually without any warning. You will become a sure head-turner at work. It’s so great that there are home remedies for gas that you can use to resolve this even at your own home.