Easy and Cost-Effective Home Remedies for Fleas

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How to Get Rid of Fleas

They said that we should be kind to animals, but should we be kind to fleas? Who can reproduce more 20,000 eggs in a matter of months? Who can make your furry pets suffer greatly because of these parasites? Then, maybe we can do a little bit of exemption, don’t you think?

These parasites aren’t cute and fairytale-like insects that brighten up your day, they are pests who swarm and infest your jovial pets at home. So, you should know some of the techniques and remedies for these parasites. For them not proliferate and continue on inflicting other pets, here are home remedies for fleas.

Before you try on the different remedies, you should first make sure that your pets are inflicted with fleas. What you need to do is to inspect your dog closely and search through the dog’s skin for any moving insects. If you see some crawling around the animal’s skin, check for any feces from these insects. The feces will look like black pebbles tucked on the hair of your pet. Take some of it and bring it to a veterinarian to check if it is really from fleas. If the result is positive, then you should follow these remedies available.

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Home Remedies for Fleas

The first home remedy for fleas is by changing the food components. You can give the usual food you use to let your dogs eat, but you should add garlic. The addition of garlic gives out several anti-histamine substances that disallow the infestation of fleas. There is no need to put great amounts of garlic, just take a spoonful amount of minced garlic and pour it on his food plate. Other than garlic, you could also add some mixed sulphur on a weekly basis so that the possibility of flea entry will be to the lowest power. If you think sulphur and garlic doesn’t work well with you, you can try something that’s more different and something that costs a bit. It’s the black walnut hulls that are available in different forms such as tablets, capsules, and powder. Just put a pinch of hulls and you’re all set. You should not expect that these additional food components will work in just one sitting. You should be patient enough to wait for weeks for it to completely work out.

The most common home remedy for fleas is by shampoo application. You can use herbal preparations and apply it once a day when your dog is having a bath. You should do it on regular intervals so that the pests will be gone completely. If you miss schedules, the fleas will just come back and it’ll take a longer time than expected. A technique in shampoo application should be from head to toe. Fleas tend to move to harder skin areas when they feel water to come in. Since the head is the harder side, start there so that the insects cannot escape.

A fumigator or spray can also be a home remedy for fleas because it contains poisonous components that’ll kill fleas in no time. You should first make sure that you wear the proper equipment. Always use a face mask because it has poisonous components that will diffuse in the air in a few seconds. From time to time, you should also check on your pet because it may also affect him. If there is a presence of heavy salivating, you should immediately stop the usage of the sprays since he may be experiencing fatal effects from the spray.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for fleas to get cure from this problem and remember no flea can flee the effectiveness of home remedies because we want your pets to get relieved from their severe scratching and suffering.