Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Other than the eye, the ears are common sites of infection for children and adults alike. Since initial ear symptoms are tolerable, most people do not consult to their doctors or do something about it. They just visit their physician once the situation goes off-hand. This should not be this way because it is very important that ear problems should be treated immediately since it can cause severe irreversible damages such as loss of hearing. Try some home remedies for ear infections to cure from this problem.

The ears are separated into three areas, the outer, middle, and the inner ear. Inner ear infections are the most severe since it can rapidly cause hearing loss and balance problems. The most common ear infection for children is otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear. For the adults, it is otitis externa or infection on the outer ear.

Ear infections are very inevitable, so doctors and healthcare professionals formulated several remedies for ear infections. Each and every remedy for ear infection carries with them unique curative measures.

Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Home Remedies for Ear InfectionsIn the initial episode of an earache, immediately apply some heat on the affected ear. Get a dry and warm wash cloth and dip it into a container filled with lukewarm water 100-104 oF. Applying heat on the ear may relieve the pain but it should not be placed on the ear for a very long time since bacteria can swarm in. Replace it from time to time to prevent from microorganism infestation. If you are dealing with kids, always make sure that you are the one who is applying the washcloth since prolonged placement will burn their ears and other kids will play with the washcloth instead of using it.

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Another home remedy for ear infections is to provide optimal rest. Once infection incurs in the body, the primary role of the body is to fight it. With less rest, the body cannot let out some soldiers to help the ear infection because it is busy compensating for the body’s requirements. But when there is long period of rest, the body can focus on the infection alone.

When the ear infection is persistent, severe remedies for ear infections should be implemented. Let us go on with medications now. One of these is eardrops. Ear drops are liquid-filled substances composed of different kinds of medications such as antibiotics and analgesics. Pour a substantial amount on the affected ear following the procedure on my hydrogen peroxide article. This remedy for ear infections is one of the most effective since it goes to the root of the problem. Since the problem is on the ear, the solution goes to the ear too.

Pain is a classic sign for ear infections. Kids cannot tolerate the pain and they may go into tantrums if not acted upon immediately. Just open your cupboards and take out any child-friendly pain reliever. There may be an acetaminophen or any other NSAIDs stacked in your cabinets. Just get away from aspirin because it has some linkages to having Reye’s syndrome in children.

After eardrops and pain relievers, let’s go to the real business, the very root of the problem which is the infection. The only way to stop the progression of the bacteria is through the utilization of antibiotics. It may take a week or two but this will ensure that the infection will be gone. Antibiotics can be administered on any way possible. The best is through ear drops but oral and intravenous is fine. Mostly, oral consumption of antibiotics is observed since children prefer just taking in rather than face the injection and pour water on their ears.

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Ear infections may be a bad thing to have but with the advancements of modernization, it can be relieved through simple ways such as home remedies for ear infections.

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