Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies

Diabetes has become a common problem with men and women around the world but if it is not treated in time, it can become very severe even fatal. With some good home remedies for diabetes, you can avoid the severe affects of diabetes.

Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

  • Bitter gourd is a vegetable that is easily available and you can use it in treatment of diabetes. Just extract juice from bitter gourds and mix it in the water. Use to drink this water daily to control diabetes.
  • Take ground cinnamon and add it in the warm water. Drink this water daily to get relief from major discomforts of diabetes.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in the water overnight. In the morning, drink this water along with seeds. It is considered the most effective remedy to treat diabetes.
  • Extract juice from fresh Indian gooseberry and mix it with water. Now drink this solution for 2-3 times a day to control diabetes.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for diabetes to get positive results.