Home Remedies for Cradle Cap

Home Remedies

Cradle cap is a particular skin disease regarding babies, and they get irritation, crusty flakes, and greasy skin patches on their scalps. Especially new burns are victim of this skin problem, but it can be treated well-following home remedies for cradle cap as given below:

Natural Remedies for Cradle Cap

Home Remedies for Cradle Cap

  • Take baby shampoo of a good brand and use to wash your baby’s scalp with that baby shampoo. Using baby shampoo in routine will let you have clear and clean skin of your baby’s scalp.
  • Olive oil massage is also a very good and healing ingredient for cradle cap. You just need to have a few drops of olive oil on your palm and give a gentle massage to the baby’s scalp. Do this treatment daily until you notice solve this problem.
  • Petroleum jelly massage is quite an effective treatment for baby’s scalp, and you can easily do this staying at home. Give gentle massage of petroleum jelly to the scalp of your baby and get softer and clear skin of baby’s scalp.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for cradle cap.