Various Home Remedies for Burns

Home Remedies

Burns can take in many forms. It can be by simply getting electrocuted or get scorched by a burning paper. Burn is acquired when matters vibrate faster above normal circumstances. With stronger vibration of molecules, it will cause the body to receive an impacted collision which may hurt severely. Fire is the most common vibration occurrence and it is the most common cause of burns.

Actually, there are three different types of burns; first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. The first-degree burn involves only the topmost area of the skin. It may be wrinkled or scarred. This is a mild case because it may be cured in a few days. The second-degree type of burn is rather somewhat alarming. It involves the topmost areas and the dermis of the skin. This is very painful and hard to bear since it involves your inner flesh. It will take weeks to heal and severe scarring will be left except if you are a child since children regenerate cells faster. The last type of burn is third-degree that is the most deleterious in nature. The burn goes deep within the body hitting the tissues and cells. This burn does not cause pain because the cells are already dead but it will be very dangerous because the burn entered through the bloodstream.

For second and third-degree burns, hospitalization is necessary but for first-degree ones, home remedies will do the trick. Here are some of the effective home remedies for burns.

When you get burned, immediately pour on some vinegar on the affected area for it to get an acidic counter-balance with regards to the burn. You should dilute the vinegar to have a weak acid to halt the burning effects. You will feel a bit stingy during the initial phase but it will soon resolve back to a tolerable pain rating. Make sure that the vinegar is purely acetic acid. There should not be other products found in the vinegar like lemon and bitter shoots. This will render vinegar to be ineffective.

If you don’t want to use vinegar, you can use oils. Herbal oils are best when treating burns because they have antiseptic capabilities and they also stop the pain instantly. Among all the oil-derived plants in your backyard, the lavender is the most effective. It does not only stop the pain and clean the area, it also protects the burned part from getting infested with microorganisms and it allows rapid healing because of the curative components of lavender. Natural oils are highly encouraged because they render 100% effect but if you don’t have any herbs at home, you can opt to look for it in the market though it will not be effective as it once was.

For the healing process of the burned area, you can use some aloe vera. Just take one fleshy leaf and collect the fresh sap from it. You can refrigerate it or directly apply it on the affected area. It will take a week’s treatment to completely resolve the problem. The good thing about using aloe vera is that it has antioxidants that will not leave a scar after it heals. You can also use coconut sap because it has similar curative effects to aloe vera. Coconut is also easier to find than aloe vera so it will be a good idea for coconut to be an alternative.

Burns may be something that is very awful because it is seen by the naked eye. With these different home remedies for burns, you will get that disturbing brown discoloration on your skin out in no time. Just make sure that you strictly follow this regimen.