Home Remedies for Acidity

Acidity refers to imbalance digestive system and it leads common problems of gas, nausea, bad stomach etc. Well, you can treat acidity with variety of following home remedies for acidity.

Natural Remedies for Acidity

Home Remedies for Acidity

  • Simply use to eat basil leaves on a daily basis or whenever you feel acidity problem. Basil leaves are said to be very effective in treating acidity.
  • Mix cinnamon powder in the water and let it boil for several minutes. Strain and drink it. Otherwise, you can drink water along with cinnamon powder. This will help you releasing acidity.
  • Add apple cider vinegar to 1 glass of water and drink it to reduce and treat acidity.
  • Take 2-3 cloves and chew them slowly to reduce acidity and other related problems.

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for acidity  to get relief.

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