Home Remedies for Earwax

Home Remedies

Ear wax is a waxy substance that is yellowish in color. It is secreted in the car canal and protects the skin and ear from bacteria, fungus or any virus entering into the ear. But excess war hinders the sound to enter in to the ear and cause difficulty in hearing. Plus it acts as defensive substance that keeps your ear safe from dust trapping. Thus it is important to keep your ear from germs and other foreign objects but when it increases it will block the ear and cause problem. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for earwax are listed below:

Earwax Causes:

Home Remedies for EarwaxSmall amount of ear wax is formed on a daily basis and can easily be replaced as new wax formed. But if ear has produced wax more than the usual routine, try to clean it immediately otherwise it blocked the ears.

Excess cleaning of the ears is one of the main causes for extra production of ears. This wax is secreted by the glands present in the glands. And these glands have small hairs that trap the dust particles, foreign particles and safe from infections. This will also help keep the ear drum safe and protected.

Earwax Symptoms:

Blockage in ears due to ear wax can be appeared in form of following signs:

  • Pain in ears
  • Feeling of extensiveness and fullness in the affected ear
  • Have immense noise in the ears
  • Problem in listening and hearing

Home remedies for Earwax

The best way to treat ear wax is to remove the excess wax from the doctor with the help of curved instrument named as “curette”. It is the suction pump that helps to inspect the ear in depth as well as removes the wax from it. After removing the wax from the ear, doctor flush out the ear with the help of water pick or a syringe with rubber bulb containing warm water in it.

If this problem appear again and again, then doctor recommend taking proper medicines. It is wax removing medicines that are available in form of drops as well as tablets. The entire course is of almost eight weeks. These ear drums are very minor but some time cause irritation to ear skin and ear drum. Thus always use as per the advice of the doctor.

Along with this some of the precautionary and home remedies for earwax are very helpful like:

  • Baby oil is very effective wax softener agent. So use it with the help of eye dropper. Put only two or three drops of baby oil, or glycerin or hydrogen peroxide to make the wax soften.
  • After taking bath or swimming dry your ear with the help of towel.
  • Don’t dig out the excessive wax with the help of hair pin or paper clip. Always try to remove it with the help of cotton bud or consult the physician for removing the wax. Otherwise it may cause severe infections to ear canal or ear drum.
  • If in any case water is poured n to the ear, tilt your head and pull up your ear so as excess water can drained out.