Home remedies for Diaper Rash

Home Remedies

It is very common in children appear in form of red patch on the skin. It is highly inflammable and related to frequent wetness. It happened after diarrhea or using plastic pants in order to cover diaper. It is very irritating and annoyed babies. Most of the rash can be treated well with home remedies but in case of severity, proper medications are needed. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for diaper rash are listed below:

Diaper Rash Causes:

There are number of reasons that become the cause of diaper rash:

  • Exposure to diaper having urine or feces for longer period of time. As the skin of the baby is very sensitive so immediately change the diaper after bowel movement
  • When a child starts solid food and have frequent stool.
  • Allergic to some new substance like baby oil, powder or any lotion
  • Use of disposable wipes especially in case if you have changed the brand
  • Infectious to bacteria or virus or fungus. As yeasts grow easily in damp and moist areas so try to make your child dry
  • Clean the cloth with tight or hard cloth result in form of rash
  • Use of antibiotics may result in form of rash especially to those who are dependent on mother feeding

Diaper Rash Symptoms:

Home remedies for Diaper RashIn order out the diapers rash, some of the alarming indications are as below:

  • Skin has red marks and become tender at the bottom. This is very inflammatory at the genital area and buttocks. Initially it appears in form of patches later, it transform into bumps.
  • Baby gets annoyed and irritated. He/she get uncomfortable and cry a lot when the diaper area is washed or touched.
  • In severe conditions it can become infection and occur as
    • Fever
    • Blisters or bumps
    • If not treated well, the discharge came out of blisters
    • Disturbed sleepiness

Home remedies for Diaper Rash

One of the best ways to avoid or prevent diaper rash is to keep your child dry and clean in all means. In case of severe reaction or rash doctors mostly recommend some of the creams including:

  • Use of hydrocortisone cream having mild combination
  • In case of fungal infection, antifungal cream give complete relief
  • In case of bacterial infections, it is better to take oral medication along with ointments or creams

But before the use of such creams and ointments, it is better to consult pediatrics because skin of the baby is very sensitive and frequent use can escort further problems. Some of the home remedies for diaper rash are very effective for this problem like:

  • In order to heal up the rash, leave your child without diaper for some time. This will allow air flow and keep your child at ease
  • In case of diaper rash, try to use larger size diaper till it healed up completely
  • In case of diaper rash, avoid washing the child with soap or any disposal. Also avoid using scented wipes. Because it is very irritating for the skin of the baby.
  • Use of talcum powder help to absorb the moisture as well as protect the skin from urine.