Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

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Chapped or cracked lips are usually used for dry lips. It is one of the sign of winter when the level of moisture is low in the atmosphere. In this case skin of and around the lips get infected due to inflammatory and allergic reactions. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for chapped lips are listed below :

Chapped Lips Causes:

Home Remedies for Chapped LipsLike other parts of body lips won’t have oil glands. That is the reason it get dried when the level of moisture is low in the atmosphere or you licking off the lips more than usual. In summers when are exposing to sun, lips get dried and appear in form of cracked or chipped lips.

Licking off the lips will also dry up the lips because saliva will absorb the moisture and cause dryness.

This could also indicate the deficiency of vitamin A, dehydration in the body or the result of the chemotherapy medicines.

Chapped Lips Symptoms:

In order to identify chipped or cracked lips some of the common symptoms are as follow:

  • Excess dryness
  • Flaking on the upper layer of lips
  • Scales
  • Sores
  • Swollenness
  • Cracks and sometimes bleed
  • Peeling of the skin
  • Discomfort

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Home Remedies for Chapped Lips:

In order to protect your lips from extensive and harsh weather effect, keep them moisturized all the time. For this numerous lip balms and non waxy or non sticky creams are available to protect the lips from cracks. In all these substances, petrolatum is common present.

Some of the home remedies for chapped lips are very effective like use of castor oil; butter, sunflower oil etc are not only keeping the moisture maintained but also nourish the lips. For proper care of lips follow the following steps.

  • Apply lip balm throughout the day
  • Drink almost 10-12 glass of water daily in order to keep the level of moisture in the body to its optimal level
  • Avoid to use humidifier in the homes
  • Don’t wrap up the moth with the scarf
  • Try to use sun screen lotion while exposing to sun or heat

In case of severe dryness, it is better to take proper medical treatment after consulting some good physician. This is the situation when lips get pink, transform into ulcers and have white plague on the surface. It is better to take the treatment of the root cause that result in form of dry lips. One of the main reasons is constipation or dehydration in the body.

When proper and nutritive food is not taken, it results into constipation or dehydration. For this; it’s better to rely on natural food like fruits, vegetable etc. It helps to maintain the level of water in the body plus keep to healthy, fresh and away from diseases.

Along with medicines, it is necessary to regularly take the multivitamins that covers the deficiency. Theses nutritive supplements must contain iron, folic acid, and vitamin B. This is helpful in healing up the wounds plus maintains the level of nutrition in the body at its optimum level.  So; it’s better to rely on nutritive food, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle.