Home remedies for Chicken pox

Home Remedies

It is the viral infection that appears in form of small red spots or blister on the entire body. It causes itchy rash. It is highly spreadable in a way that those who haven’t had this disease before or don’t get vaccinated, cane easily be affected. Irrespective to regular vaccines, everyone infected once in its life. But as you get older this disease become more complicated and painful. Anyhow chickenpox vaccine is effective to keep you safe from complications. Here are some causes, symptoms and home remedies for chicken pox are listed below :

Chicken pox Symptoms:

The infectious rash lasted for approximately 5 to 10 days. After two or three days some of the common signs and symptoms appear as:

Home remedies for Chicken pox

  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling of sick
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

Bumps are raised and contain fluid and once it broken, it leaves the mark and takes time to heal up. New spots appear after some days which take almost a week or so to heal up.

Home Remedies for Chicken pox:

Doctors normally suggest not treating or touching chickenpox. It is better to give some time to completely spread it out. It is the healthy sign especially for the children. For the confirmation of the chickenpox, blood test or culture of the lump is being done.

In case of complications, doctors suggest some medication just to shorten down the time period of chicken pox plus reduce the risk of complications. For this antiviral drugs are suggested. The most common drug which is given for chicken pox is immune globulin intravenous commonly known as IGIV. In case of severe skin infections and pneumonia, you must have to consult the doctor for proper medication. It will not only help to minimize the level of risk but also help to give relief in time.

In this context antibiotics and antiviral medicines are given that help to cure the skin infections as well as pneumonia symptoms. Follow these above mentioned home remedies for chicken pox and get instant relief.

Precautions for Chicken pox:

Whenever your child or you have symptoms of chicken pox, try to follow some of the precautionary measures including:

  • You must have to ensure that proper vaccine is done that make the case less vulnerable to infection
  • Proper hygiene and sterility is being conducted for the patient
  • Those who are treating the patient or sufferers must have short nail or wear gloves in order to prevent from scratching and infections
  • Do not scratch the spots, otherwise it will leave the mark, slower down the healing process and enhance the risk of soreness. For this it is better to rub it slowly with the help of cotton cloth
  • In order to relieve the itchiness, take a cool bath by adding baking soda
  • Calamine lotion is best to dab down the spots
  • To reduce the itchiness, it is much better to take antihistamines. This will also give relief from tickling effect
  • In case of mild fever take Tylenol or ibuprofen
  • Do not take aspirin in case of chickenpox because it will make the condition more serious
  • Take your child away from others because it is breakthrough infection
  • Prevent the sufferer from cold and cool places and it is much better to keep him/her warm and cozy.