Home remedies for Bruises

Bruises are the mark on the skin that is formed due to damage of blood capillaries lying underneath the skin and that blood leaks in to the tissues under the skin. That trapped blood appears in form of black or blue mark on the skin. If the skin is not broken then there is no need to do the bandage. You can get cured with natural home remedies for bruises.

In most of the case bruises are swollen and painful especially the bone bruises. If the affected area is more, then it takes time to fade out. In order to reduce the affected area the best way is to pad the bruise with ice.

Bruises Causes:

Bruises are formed as a result of breakage of blood capillaries due to lot of reasons including:

  • Any injury while doing exercise
  • Athletic and weight lifting activities
  • Surgery
  • Intake of medicines like aspirin, warfarin, prednisone etc
  • Scurvy; a skin disease
  • Aging
  • Diseases related to platelets and blood vessels
  • Blood deficiencies
  • Vascular disorders
  • Coagulation disorder
  • Cancer treatment medicines
  • Intake of steroids
  • Reaction of some of over the counter (OTC) medicines taken without prescription of doctor

Bruises Symptoms:

Initially a bruise is of red color but later on it transform it into blackish or bluish color. After some days, it is painful. As the skin is not ruptured or cut so there are no chances of infection.

Bruises Remedies:

Treatments are suggested depending upon the severity of bruises. It ranges from minor to major to critical bruises. Critical bruises lead to the risk of death and it is mostly associated with head and internal injuries.

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When the bruises get swollen and result in extreme pain then must consult the doctor, especially in the case when you are on the blood thinning medication. In normal conditions it takes time to recover, but under toes nail or finger nail, it is very painful and need proper consultation.

In case of bone bruise, never rely on home remedies because delay may result in serious fractures or damages. Same is the case with head bruises, immediate consultation will save the patient from internal bleeding and serious head injuries.

In case of minor bruises, “RICE” treatment is suggested that includes

  • rest,
  • ice padding,
  • compression and
  • elevation

Pain killers like Tylenol or ibuprofen also help to reduce the impact of pain. Ice is very effective in two ways one is to relief pain and other is to minimize the risk of internal bleeding. Some of the topical creams like retinal help to heal up bruises. Gentle massaging encofor burage the frequent blood flow but if massage cause pain then consult the doctor in order to examine the factor of internal bleeding.

Some of the common home remedies for Bruises are pain relievers like:

  • Stop taking OTC medicines as well as blood thinning medicines which cause bruises on frequent basis
  • Use of ice padding
  • Apply heat to increase the circulation of blood; but don’t apply it direct to skin
  • Elevate the bruise in order to flow away the blood from injury
  • Intake of vitamin C
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel for quick healing

Follow the above mentioned home remedies for bruises to get cured.

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