Home Remedies for Boils

Home Remedies

Boils are pus filled bumps that are formed under the skin. It is formed after the infection of bacteria in the hair follicles or in the oil glands. In the start, it is red where the area is infectious then it transforms into lump that contains pus. It grew with the passage of time and become very painful until or unless, it ruptured and drained out. Get here the simple and natural home remedies for boils.


Most of the boils are formed due to the germ named as “staphylococcal bacteria”. It enters in to the body through minor cuts and bruises and then travel to the follicle of the hairs where they form boils. The most susceptible reasons for the skin infections are as follow:

  • Diabetes
  • Weak immune system
  • Poor nutritive and health conditions
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals that cause irritation and itchiness
  • Usage of immunosuppressive drugs
  • Recurrent boils refer to skin infectious family history
  • Intake of excessive antibiotics


Boils are normally formed in the hair follicles and is size of about half an inch. After few days it grew and lump become softer; that is very painful. In case of severe infections it appears in such form:

  • The surrounding area of boil get infected and become red, swollen, sore and tepid
  • Multiple boils are also formed around the original one
  • Symptoms of warmth and fever
  • Pus is in the swelling
  • Tip get yellowed

Home Remedies for Boils :

When boil is of smaller size, it can easily handle and treated at home. But in case of larger lumped boils, proper treatment should be taken. One of the best home remedy is to soak the boil in Luke warm water. This will help to draw the lump to the surface for natural drainage as well as relieve the pain. For this repeated soaking is to be adopted.

When the boil starts draining, wash it with antibacterial solution to minimize the affect of infections. Properly apply the bandage and antibacterial ointment. This will help to decrease the pain to some extent. But make it sure that regularly change the bandage otherwise chances of infection increases.

Do not pop up the boil with needle by your own. This will make the condition worst. For this always consult the doctor. Physicians are expert in drain out the larger boils with sterile gauze. As per the prescription of doctor, don’t forget to take antibiotics. Antibiotics not only help to dry up the wound internally but also minimize the recurrent infections.

Some of the home remedies for boils are very helpful that includes:

  • Use of tea tree oil is very affective in a sense that it serves multiple functions like antiseptic lotion, antifungal lotion and antibiotic agent. If it applies to boils it help in easy drainage of lump or pus. One other benefit of tea tree oil is that it gives relief in pain.
  • But if this oil causes allergic reaction, stop it at once and consult the doctor in time.

In order to keep yourself safe from recurrent boils, try not to share your personal items with any one like razors, towels etc.