Home remedies for Body Odor/Sweating

Home Remedies

It is quite normal that every human has its own odor. But body odor is taken in negative sense like unpleasant smell that body gives off. It is due to the fact when bacteria that are living on the skin are breaking down the sweat glands into acid and some of the proteins in to acids. The entire procedure started after the age of puberty. Those who are diabetic patient or rely more on the intake of spicy food are more liable to bad odor but you can get cured with simple and natural home remedies for body odor.

While doing exercise, work out or in hot environment, sweating is taken as natural and healthy activity. But when it causes unpleasant or bad smell, it becomes the sign of medical problem.

Causes of Body Odor/Sweating:

Sweating or body odor is closely related to the temperature regulatory system of the body and sweat glands. Sweating helps to keep the temperature of the body normal, maintain the water and fluid to its optimum level, balance out the level of electrolyte and chemicals such as sodium and calcium in its apposite form.

In our skin there are two types of sweat glands. One is Eccrine glands and other is apocrine glands. Eccrine glands is present at the top most layer of the body and apocrine gland are present where hair follicles are present in abundant form like scalp, armpits, groin and it opens in to hair follicle and then to skin surface.

When the temperature of the body rises, nervous system automatically gives the messages to eccrine glands to secrete the fluids on the surface of the skin that gives coolant effect after evaporation. In contrast to this apocrine glands secrete fatty sweats directly in to the tubule. In case of emotional stress, walls of tubule get contracted and pushed the sweat to the surface of the skin. Here bacteria is lying which break down the sweat and causes odor.


Perspiration is either due to hot weather conditions or during exercise or work out. But some people also sweat in the stress and anxiety. It appears on the face, armpits, on the palms and soles of the feet. Some people are so much sweating that it seems that they took shower or bath right now.

Home Remedies for Body Odor/Sweating:

In order to lessen down the effect of perspiration and bad odor, some of OTC medications are very effective.

  • Use of antiperspirant products that contain aluminum based products. It help to block the pore for temporarily period thus reduces the amount of perspiration.
  • Use of deodorants that not only help to eliminate bad odor but also turn your skin acidic which is quite unsuitable for bacteria.

It is much better to go for home remedies instead of using medicated products. For this some of the some home remedies for bofy odor that are quite helpful:

  • Take bath on daily basis. Especially after exercise or work out. Try to use antibacterial soap which helps to keep the level of bacteria in appropriate form.
  • After taking bathe, dry up your feet because damp place between the toes is ideal for bacteria growth. For this foot powders are available that keep your feet dry.
  • Try to use socks and shoes of natural material. Like cotton socks helps to make the feet breathing and absorb sweat.