Home remedies for Blisters

Blisters are the outer growth of the epidermis layer of skin in which fluid is accumulated. Actually, that fluid is accumulated under the damaged skin that provides cushion to the tissues lying under that area. In most of the cases that fluid is clear known as serum. The serum is the part of blood that remains after the removal of RBCs and clots. It is very rare that blisters are filled with pus, infectious fluid or blood. It can be formed at any place on the body but usually, it is located on feet and hands. Follow the home remedies for blisters that can help you to treat this problem.


Blisters are formed due to:

  • Constant and regular friction to the skin; it is very common in diabetic, heart patients
  • Neuropathy may also cause blisters in numerous parts of body
  • In contact with chemical material or detergents
  • Extensive exposure to heat or sun
  • Wide spread sun burn
  • Exposure to extreme temperature
  • In some case when small capillaries lying under the skin are damaged and blood leaks in between the layers of skin, may result in blisters
  • In chickenpox
  • Numerous skin diseases that causes scratchy blisters usually in the joint areas like elbows, under knees, buttocks, neck region, under arms, back, wrist etc
  • In some of the skin diseases, blisters are form on the face, in the mouth, genital areas etc. it is very painful and take time to cure.


Some of the common signs are:

  • Out growth on the skin
  • Feel pain and discomfort
  • Swell in case of infection
  • Burns or allergic reaction due to chemicals or sun light
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For the treatment of blisters, creams and lotion are given that can be cured within couple of days. Most of the doctors suggest calamine lotions that not only give relief in discomfort but also cure it from inflammatory effect.

For immediate relief put those blisters under cold water so as to minimize the sensatory effect of burning. In case of infections, first of all drain out the blisters after pinhole it and then wash it with alcoholic or peroxide solution. It will help to keep the blister safe from infections.


In order to avoid blisters again and again try to adopt some of the following precautionary or preventive measures.

  • Wear soft and comfortable shoes that fit well and won’t hurt your feet while walking or running
  • Similarly wear gloves while handling chemicals or detergents that cause irritation or itching
  • Try to wear cotton socks while playing or doing exercise, so as to absorb the extra moisture of feet. Because it is the main reason that cause blisters
  • While using hard things, gardening tools or sport equipment wear the glover to reduce the effect of friction
  • Use sun screen lotion while going outside or exposing to sun or heat
  • In case of blisters swab it with iodine solution to prevent it from infections
  • For soothing effect it is better to use talc power so as to avoid scrubbing

Follow the above mentioned precautions and home remedies for the blister to get instant relief.

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